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    I am a proud member of and yesterday they had a protest against a monument at the Baldwin Park Metrolink station in Baldwin Park Ca.

    I already covered this here, but for the sake of catching up I will sum up.

    A publically funded "art" project on public land has offensive language on it.

    If ATHEISTS can be offended by a cross;

    If PETA can be offended that I eat meat and train horses;

    If "brown" people can be offended that I want to stop the CRIMINALS that sneak into our country by the millions everyday;

    Then I can be offended that the words "It was better before THEY came" are ona piece of "art" at the Metrolink Station.

    It gets better though, hence the reason I asked for a RaceCard. I have never had one to throw out there
    In this story here at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune: SGVtribune are these quotes here:

    "Mayor Manuel Lozano said he's received about 60 derogatory e- mails from residents outside Baldwin Park, which he believes were spurred by debate on KFI-AM radio.

    "Personally, I think this is un- American,' Lozano said of the e-mails. "We should be working together. They're perpetuating racism."


    One hint of trouble and the Race Card gets tossed into play without so much as a thought or any facts to back it up.

    The article goes on to point out some outright flippant speech dismissing the group as a bunch of publicity hounds.


    "I think it's an attempt to gain publicity for their political point-of-view,' said Councilman David Olivas. "The issue of the monument is a question of First Amendment rights and artistic integrity.'

    I wish to point out that what this councilman David Olivas said was wrong, and I will be calling him in the morning.

    This was not a publicity stunt. If we were aware of this monument earlier we would have protested it earlier.

    If this is a first amendment issue then it is a first amendment issue in the same context that a cross on public land is a first amendment issue....someone has named it offensive so it should be taken down.

    Those are the rules of the game now aren't they?

    Or does that rule not count when the offended parties are not "of color"?

    Any Questions?
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