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    In the title is linked Save Our State dot ORG.

    I just received an email from them that reads in part:

    Dear Patriots:

    For those who haven't heard, there is a monument in Baldwin Park that was erected with taxpayer dollars and on public land that is extremely offensive and seditious. It reads:

    "This land was Mexican once,
    was Indian always
    and is,
    and will be again."

    It also reads:

    "It was better before they came"

    To see the pictures, go to


    Joseph Turner

    There is also a protest about this.

    Baldwin Park Commuter Rail Station
    3875 Downing Ave
    Baldwin Park, CA 91706

    Saturday, May 14th
    Noon - 2 PM

    Now if whi...excuse me,, bugger that, if white folks put up a monument that was as blatantly racist as this one we would be damn near stoned to death.

    This is BS folks, and only one of the many reasons I am with Save Our State dot ORG.

    To see the monument on terra, server go here

    If this pisses you off call these people and vent:

    Contact Baldwin Park City Officials:

    Mayor: Manuel Lozano

    Council Member: Bill Van Cleave

    Council Member: Marlen Garcia

    Mayor Pro Tem: Ricardo Pacheco

    Council Member: David Olivas

    As for me I am going to be there. But before that happens I am going to bitch about it some more.
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