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    I am printing once again a poem written by an Army Air Corp. member in Honor of his fallen comrade in WWII.

    I am choosing to highlight the Greatest Generation again, as everyday too many of them pass from this world, and with each one a wealth of knowledge is lost. Tlalk to these guys when you meet them. I promise you will learn so much, and all you have to do is sit down and say "Hi, what did you do in the war?"

    The original post about it can be found here. (Also linked in title)

    In Honor of Charles S. Seaman

    He flew and He fought
    In the clear blue skies
    His face to the burning sun
    He died up there with
    A smile and a sigh
    His hands on a flaming gun
    Many a Zero
    Will pay for his death
    In those same blue skies above
    Many a Jap
    Will draw his last breath
    Revenge for
    The boy we loved
    High in the sky
    A crew says a prayer
    As they fly through flame and lead
    Never for them
    Will there be any rest
    'Til the last damned Jap is dead.
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