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    The votes are in and our editorial board has spoken.

    Here are the winners for the positions on the Board of The We Hate Kender Club

    V.P.: Whynot

    Director of Stupidity: Frenchie

    Commissioner of Complaints: The Bastard

    Prelate of Pissiness: Cranky Liberal

    Major Cryer: Site Author

    Whine Master: Pia

    Kevin didn't stop in but the Cranky liberal that was one vote as each visit by a nominee equals one half of a vote for themsleves.

    Site Author and Pia both stopped in, howeverm even after SA's willingness to step into the role of Whine Master the editorial board has decided that Pia whines much more, but then, it takes a mighty big wuss of a man to outwhine a woman like Pia.

    SheaNC gets to hand out name tags at the Annual Convention, which will be held in a pay toilet in Berkeley CA....that is as close to france as the group can afford right now, but maybe next year.

    I would like to thank all of our nominees for their continued stubborness in sticking to dead-end socialist policies and trying to deny our country the right to defense.
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