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    This post will highlight one of the inherent evils' of socialism, and it's penchant for deciding what is best for YOUR CHILDREN.

    When the state thinks it can raise your child better than you, and when the state tells you what you MUST do with your own child, then you can be sure that Major Indoctrination is occuring....take a look here at the inside lining of that great socialist success story Germany.

    It seems in Germany the march towards a completely socialist society, where parents have no rights regarding their own children and the state has the ability to take your kids from you is, well, marching along. Seems those germans are always marching towards one thing or another doesn't it?

    The first things that catches one's attention is the fact that three year olds are possibly going to be REQUIRED to attend pre-school. You will take special note of this phrase in the article; "Children would not only become smarter but also healthier because the state would separate pre-school children from their mothers.

    Does this surprise you? Are you shocked that in a socialist society the government believes it can do a better job of raising your children that you could? Are you absolutely flabbergasted that in essence, a socialist society only wishes you to have children as a way of giving the state workers to mold to its' ideal?

    Other "benefits" of this system are that

    "More mothers can go to work"


    "the average child will eat healthier food, learn correct eating behaviour and suffer less chronic sicknesses later on"

    Damn those useless baby machines. If only they knew HOW to raise a strong healthy worker then the government wouldn't have to separate mothers and their children so young and make the mom go back to work.

    O.K., that was sarcastic. But it dooes show that in a socialist country the government doesn't trust you to feed your children correctly, much less raise them well. Is the stench of this article burning your nostrils too? I am posting this in a bio-hazard makes it harder to type, but easier to breathe.

    Now here is a great quote:

    ""At the moment the health of our children is getting worse and worse. They do not learn well and have little prospect to advance,"

    Does anyone else out there think that this may be because people in a socialist country tend to get UNMOTIVATED rather quickly? could never be that!!!!

    You see this?:

    "The experts predict the costs for this reform to be about 12 billion euros per year alone for children under ten years of age."

    No problem say the powers that be:

    "But part of this financial effort will be compensated: More working mothers mean more taxes and social security contributions and fewer expenses for social help."

    That's OK though, because at least they realize this:

    "But we are not fooling ourselves: First we need to invest billions of tax money,"

    They already have this on the table you know, under "Homeschooling Illegal" Declares German School Official.

    Want to be deviant and fight for your right to raise your own child?

    "Any resistance by the parents will result in the removal of these thirteen elementary age children from their homes and into state custody!

    Yeppers...this sounds like a free country to me.

    You know, I spend a lot of my time telling people that in a socialist country the reason religion is played down and pushed behind closed doors is because the only moral or ethical question in a socialist country is: "Is this action good for the state?"

    Don't believe me?

    Then don't look at this.

    Here is just one little quote from the above linked article:

    public schools undermine Biblical educational ideals like purity and obedience to parents.

    And of course this gem here.

    According to the Hessian school law, parents who "continually or obstinately prevent their children from fulfilling the compulsory school attendance" face up to 6 months in prison or a stiff fine.

    Wow, you can't get a much harsher sentence for robbing a gas station.

    Yet another quote.

    As it now stands, the Goldermann's have been heavily fined and the state has placed a lien against their home. If they do not pay the fines, their home can be taken away from them.


    Does ANY of this surprise you, dear reader??

    Me either.

    To any that still think that socialism is a great thing just feel free to call and defend this point.

    Dial 1-888-972-3461 for and check the schedule for Kender UNcensored!!!
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