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    Ninety one miles southeast of Los Angeles is a bustling little town by the name of Temecula. Blessed with a perfect micro-climate for growing grapes, it has a thriving wine industry, and caters to tourists and the more well to do citizen.

    It is not cheap to live there, being somewhat upscale, and as we all know, in a town that caters to tourists, image is what matters.

    But there is something rotten in Temecula.

    Temecula sits just 70 miles north of Mexico, and the flood of illegals has been tremendous for many years, and of course, since there are wineries (which one must remember bring in mucho dinero in taxes and require laborers) there are plenty of illegals that work at those wineries.

    Those illegals have children. Don't ask me how many kids in the schools are the children of illegals, because I don't have the numbers, but if other anecdotal evidence holds true, then statistically speaking, it is probably a very high number.

    Apparently a few kids at Temecula Valley High School, located at 31555 Rancho Vista Rd. Temecula CA 92592 were planning to have a protest later today, May 5th 2006.

    Against illegal immigration or for secure borders, I am still not sure, but I do know this; They asked Save Our State dot org for help.

    The original threads I found regarding this can be found here and here, with the latest thread accessible here.

    I must warn you. Reading these threads will make you angry.

    As I gather, in a nutshell, the plans swelled beyond what these kids were expecting. I suspect that word got out to some groups that are less than enthusiastic about the borders being secured and that threats have been made. The young men on the SOS boards that seemed to have started this whole thing, Sean and Darren, are certain that if a crowd forms, and a riot ensues, THEY WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE and ARRESTED!!!!

    Reading these threads broke my heart. To see the youth of our country bullied by their school and a budding interest in the Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities that made this country great cut down by threatening people with jail for exercising their first amendment rights to peaceably assemble is perhaps the most disheartening thing I have ever had the utter displeasure of witnessing.

    If this is a problem with the gangs in the schools (and the area is rife with them, from MS-13 to skinhead gangs) then I understand why the schools fears for the safety of these students so much that they threaten them with jail for planning a peaceful, LEGAL protest.

    The schools know that they cannot protect their students from the radicalized punks that have invaded our schools. Anyone want to wager whether this school has a "MeCHA club?" The children of illegal immigrants, especially of the type that adhere to the beliefs of the ultra-racist latino supremacy group MeCHA would have no problem acting like the little thugs they are, and would lie in wait for days, maybe even weeks, to exact the only kind of revenge little thugs know, a violent one.

    There is still a tentative plan (from what I understand at this writing) to head on down there and wave a few flags. I know I will be heading down, but first I am going to call the principal at:
    (951) 695-7300

    His name is Scott Schaufele, and then I may even call the superintendent, Carol A. Leighty at:

    And I am going to ask them why it seems that it is ok for a someone to threaten an American Citizen with arrest for exercising a RIGHT.

    Why don't you give 'em a call too, and ask them if they feel OK with stomping on a fundamental right and what that is teaching the students? Then again, with the indoctrination in the government schools today, they probably feel that whatever it takes to make good little automatons that fear authority is simply good policy.

    As for me, I think I will make it clear that if one of these kids were my kid, their threats wouldn't work, because I know my rights, and as vociferously as I defend them, I feel even more strident about my childs rights, for this is the way they learn, and if these young men learn nothing else tomorrow, they must learn that this is still the United States of AMERICA, and the First Amendment applies to all of us, and one should never back down from wrongly wielded authority.

    Go that principal and superintendent. We can trade notes tonight about how much they stammered when a Red Blooded Patriot stands up to their little game and demands answers. Post your answers in the comments....let's see if we can get these Red Diaper Doper Baby thugs that are ruining (not running) our schools to stammer out a few lies and excuses.

    Sounds fun, doesn't it?
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