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    I don't know if you have been following the whole brouhaha that has a Wonkette blogger posting crap about Michelle Malkin, but many in the blogosphere have been covering it with pretty much the same words, "They attack Michelle and call her a whore and prove they're childish beyond the pale."

    I haven't seen one person that is defending Michelle get riled and fly of the handle over this, instead sitting calmly and pointing out that the yoyo that attacked her over the video blogging was simply being a cretinous moron with an empty head and full drool bib.

    I feel it is time for someone to toss out the words that, deep down, many people feel towards the tard bait that has a sense of humor approaching that of soap.

    So allow me.

    Dude, you are perhaps the stupidest asswipe that we have seen in ages, and your little butt buddy "operative" certainly must share the helmet with you the next time you go walking. (tangent: is "operative" a shortened screen name? or was "pre-operative" already taken?)

    Seriously, the hate you create by attacking your betters would have earned you a well deserved beating one hundred years ago.......and now, you turdmunchingfellatiousfucktard, you know WHY conservatives yearn for the old days.
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