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    ***and any other Senator that voted for amnesty

    Senators, you will take note that I am not adding in the customary honorific of "Honorable", as you are not, by any stretch of the imagination, deft twist of reality or play on words, honorable.

    How dare you fold like a cheap suit and try to give our country away to a group of brazen thugs and ingrateful whiners who make demands that, by all logical reasoning (which I am now doubtful that any of you possess), they are not entitled to in the least.

    You have cast your lot, shown your colors and declared that your allegiance is not to those who have placed in you such trust and power, but with those that would ignore our laws, and demand to be handed that which we have worked so hard to secure and defend these last 230 years, without so much as a "by your leave" or a "kiss my ass."

    I, like many, many of my fellow countrymen, citizens all, both native born and naturalized, are outraged beyond words, and our only solace, at the moment, is November is coming quickly, and we will not let those that head to the polls forget what you have attempted to do today.

    We feel dirty. We feel betrayed. We feel anger.

    But when you lie down with dogs....well, we had no idea when we placed you in your oh-so-lofty office that your hearts and interests were so opposite to ours, but that's I said, we have seen, and we won't forget.

    So my advice to you is line up that agent for your book deal, you traitorous cretins, because come November I bet many of you will have much more time on your hands.

    Carolyn Hileman adds:
    62 of our senators voted to sell out the country today. There is still a glimmer of hope that congress will kill the bill but unless we hit them hard I am not sure I see that happening either. The official vote was 62 to 36, I will get the names of these traitors and I will give them to you. I want those names remembered I want those people voted out.

    I couldn't agree more Carolyn.

    Here is how they voted.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, here's the list:
    Daniel Akaka,
    Max Baucus,
    Evan Bayh,
    Joseph Biden,
    Jeff Bingaman,
    Barbara Boxer,
    Maria Cantwell,
    Thomas Carper,
    Hillary Clinton,
    Kent Conrad,
    Mark Dayton,
    Christopher Dodd,
    Dick Durbin,
    Russell Feingold,
    Dianne Feinstein,
    Tom Harkin,
    Daniel Inouye,
    Tim Johnson,
    Edward Kennedy,
    John Kerry,
    Herb Kohl,
    Mary Landrieu,
    Frank Lautenberg,
    Patrick Leahy,
    Carl Levin,
    Joseph Lieberman,
    Blanche Lincoln,
    Robert Menéndez,
    Barbara Mikulski,
    Patty Murray,
    Bill Nelson,
    Barack Obama,
    Mark Pryor,
    Jack Reed,
    Harry Reid,
    Paul Sarbanes,
    Chuck Schumer,
    Ron Wyden
    James Jeffords
    Robert Bennett,
    Sam Brownback,
    Lincoln Chafee,
    Norm Coleman,
    Susan Collins,
    Larry Craig,
    Mike DeWine,
    Pete Domenici,
    Bill Frist,
    Lindsey Graham,
    Judd Gregg,
    Chuck Hagel,
    Richard Lugar,
    Mel Martinez,
    John McCain,
    Mitch McConnell,
    Lisa Murkowski,
    Gordon Smith,
    Olympia Snowe,
    Arlen Specter,
    Ted Stevens,
    George Voinovich,
    John Warner

    Not to mince words, but everyone on this list...well...I won't say it but you know what they are...and it isn't something to be proud of being.
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