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    Keep scrolling down. The criminal alien insanity starts here today. Three new stories.

    First up on the block, how many pet causes can a lefty fit in one bill?
    Nobody knows....but they've decided to add gay rights into the whole immigration mix.

    How droll.

    (Washington, D.C., May 2, 2006) – Thousands of U.S. citizens and their foreign same-sex partners face enormous hardships, separation and even exile because discriminatory U.S. immigration policies deprive these couples of the basic right to be together, Human Rights Watch and Immigration Equality said in a report released today.

    "Discriminatory U.S. immigration laws turn the American dream into a heartless nightmare for countless U.S. citizens and their foreign partners," said Scott Long, co-author of the report and director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Program of Human Rights Watch. "As Congress debates immigration reforms, it should end discrimination against lesbian and gay immigrants as well as their U.S. partners."

    I hear PETA is jumping on this bandwagon as well, with a demand that all sealife be given U.S. Passports and a new Drivers Licenses for Dogs program, in addition to making every bird that flies in U.S. airspace legal and signing them up to vote.

    The first-ever comprehensive report on the issue, "Family, Unvalued: Discrimination, Denial and the Fate of Binational Same-Sex Couples under U.S. Law," documents how U.S immigration law and federal policy discriminate against binational same-sex couples. The 191-page report documents the consequences of this discrimination and shows how it can separate not only loving partners from one another, but also parents from children. It also shows how this policy has destroyed careers, livelihoods and lives.

    For more than 50 years, family reunification has been a stated and central goal of U.S. immigration policy.

    Here's a way to keep families together....deport the ones that sneak in here back to their families...problem frickin solved.

    If you have the fortitude to wade through it, here is the report. If you want a copy of the entire email this was culled from, drop me a line with "Gay Aliens" in the subject line.
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