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    Take my new banner for instance.

    Awesome aint it?

    I love it...even have a different version waiting in the wings for our Launch.

    What makes me say that life is funny in an odd way is that the new banner, and a different template that will be here in a couple of weeks or so, was done by one of my pet trolls.

    His name is buttermyself, and we have an odd relationship. He occassionally posts comments, that I rarely let through, and we email each other back and forth, calling each other all sorts of names and blowing each other off.

    But he left a comment that said my template sucked worse than I do and did I want some help with it.

    I emailed him a pissy remark, he emailed me back stating I was a douchbag.

    We're like that.

    But his comment was regarding my template, (which I had screwed up the color on that night and was too tired to mess with anymore) and he was offering his help. Turns out he is a webdesigner, among other things, and you can find his work on sites tagged with "OSL8".

    So I sent him the template, and he sent me questions on my favorite sites and colors and what images I might like.

    A friend pointed out recently that guys are like that. We can punch each other, call names and pull the meanest tricks, but guys are quick to let things slide or pass altogether, and form, if not actual friendships, loose relationships based on grudging respect and/or that inherent need to fix things that is most peculiar to men.

    Buttermyself did a fantastic job on the banner, and I really can't wait to see the new template.

    As for his status as a troll, I don't expect him to wuss out and get nice, and I certainly won't be taking his shit since I didn't before....but I will probably start letting his comments through, if simply for the fun of calling him a tard or something.....maybe.
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