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    My, wasn't that a big barrel of fun?

    All that marching, and demanding, and threatening, and cajoling....but what did you accomplish today?

    The streets were still packed with people out working, the DMV was packed to the gills (I know...I went by there), the stores were open, and the economy clicked away like always...only my local Jack in the Box wasn't open, and the only people that were hurt by that were the whiny little punk ass kids that took the day off for "la revolucion", and lost themselves a day of pay.

    Your marches in our streets simply made our case for us, and it allowed us to get the word out that you are liars and thieves, and that this issue is about people obeying the law.....we aren't taking any rights away from any one by demanding that people follow the law....THAT is what a society DOES....

    But thank you for marching and proving our point.....I can't wait to see what kind of reaction your march on DC elicits....

    Did you know that I heard a blurb on the news that today taxpayers in California posted taxes that were well above what was expected?

    I will have more on that later, but the point is that on the very day you march to close down our (that is "our" as in yours and mine) economy, record tax receipts are reported....

    That is called "irony", and it is a word that you should look up, because it is also ironic that the very thing you are marching for is something that you already have if you belong here, and is something you need to EARN by coming here LEGALLY if you don't belong here, and the irony is in the fact that the louder you make demands, the madder the citizens of America get, and the sooner you will be sent packing to where you started out from, and if you whine loudly enough, we will take away your ability to even come back for a legal try, because AMERICA HATES A WHINER!!!!!

    We don't need any more whiners....we have Streisand.....
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