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    Crossposted from Stop The ACLU

    If you are a pedophile, the ACLU is looking out for you. The argument is old hat for the ACLU, who believe not only that pedophiles and sex offenders should have the right to live next to playgrounds and elementary schools, but that they even have the right to instruct their perverted buddies on how to rape little boys. These positions are quite disturbing to most Americans, especially those of us with children. It is even scarier when there are loony judges out there that actually rule in favor of these twisted views. Luckily, the Supreme Court shot the ACLU down this time.

    The American Civil Liberties Union-Indiana, suing initially on behalf of a female inmate, had filed a class-action lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the policy.

    The Indiana Department of Correction imposed the policy in 2001, stating that inmates with a record of sex offenses involving children "shall not be permitted to receive visits from minors." The agency amended the rule a year later to allow some visits under certain conditions, including one that the intended visitor had not been a victim of the offender.

    The DOC justified the restrictions by arguing that sex offenders are at high risk of repeating the crime and often know their victims.

    According to court records, visitations occur in areas with 25 to 30 tables and as many as 100 people often supervised by a single guard. The agency knew of past incidents when children were sexually abused in visiting areas.

    DOC Commissioner J. David Donahue said the policy was aimed at protecting the public, and it will remain in effect.

    "The Supreme Court's review supports the policy," Donahue said.

    The ICLU argued the policy violated prisoners' constitutional right to maintain family relationships and that it was cruel and unusual punishment.

    "We're very disappointed," Ken Falk, legal director of the ACLU-Indiana, said Tuesday.

    Before long, they will be supporting things like this in America.

    Cut the age of consent to 12, and eventually get rid of it altogether, on the grounds that restricting sexual relations with kids "just makes children curious."
    Allow private possession of child pornography.
    Allow daytime pornography broadcasts.
    Provide sex education for toddlers.
    Make adolescents aged 16 and up eligible to be prostitutes and appear in porno films.
    Legalize sex with animals.
    Legalize going naked in public.
    Legalize all drugs.
    Provide taxpayer-financed "free" train rides.

    Don't doubt it, they already support the legalization of child porn distribution, and possession. The also already support legalizing all drugs. Dan Rhiel thinks Peta may be on board with it too.
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