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    Folks, the most cowardly troll I have ever had just slithered back in for a moment.

    He is completely anonymous, leaving no valid contact info, so pretty much doesn't get his comments let through, EVER!!!

    He hates our military, stating in one comment on a post that mentioned my bud Snax heading to Iraq "Hathaway will be a corpse by February.

    Nope, in fact I think it was in March that I ran into Hathaway at Atlanta Airport the day he was deploying. Traded emails with him just yesterday AM.

    But the fact that Hathaway is still barreling around Al Anbar province in a tank today makes your guess a bad one, Hardy Har Har.

    Hardy's email address never works, because Hardy is a fucking coward, and his latest comment follows:
    LOL you are SO FREAKIN RETARDED kender. Anyone as off kilter as you seriously does not deserve the organ transplant you have in you now.

    Kind no?

    That's ok though. The organ failed and I am back on dialysis. Why do I bring this topic up? Because Hardy is a coward of the lowest form, and I love seeing if cowards can grow a backbone and back their shit up.....I have learned they never do.

    So here's the deal, "Hardy Har Har", you chickenshit little bitch, I KNOW you won't reveal yourself because I have more courage in my toenail clippings than you will have ever in your whole body over the course of your entire life, but here's a promise you cowardly little fucker:

    If I ever find out who you are, and I meet you face to face, I am going to kick your ass, and by that I mean that I am going to cause you physical, intense, life altering pain that will leave you in need of serious medical care and wallowing in constant painful misery for the rest of your useless, cowardly life.

    Feel free to consider that a threat, you little bitch. What you gonna do? Call the cops and whine? Go ahead, because the moment you do, I know who you are, and if you think for a moment that I wouldn't gladly, happily face the consequences of those actions to physically get my hands on you, then you have no idea what courage is about.
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