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    There is an old joke that goes "What do you call a hundred (insert group here, most often lawyers [sorry Ric]) going over a cliff?

    Answer? A good start!!!

    So why the title "A Good Start?"

    Because of this story here.

    The headline is 242 illegal immigrants deported from Houston

    Which is a good start.

    Many of these guys were "Honduran nationals and 36 Guatemalan nationals with violent criminal records and immigration violations", according to ICE.

    Many of the Central Americans and Mexican nationals deported Thursday had criminal histories that include murder, drug possession, aggravated assault, larceny, burglary, sexual assault of a minor, gang activity and armed robbery, officials said.

    Many violent criminals from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico had been transferred to ICE custody after they served prison terms in state or federal facilities. Others had been apprehended by ICE National Fugitive Operations Program officers.

    Some of the deportees were noncriminal aliens who had not complied with an immigration judge’s final orders of deportation.

    But you just know that the criminal alien lobby is going to detest this action by our government, and action that is warranted, legal, expected and that we DEMAND they do.

    Like I said, it's a good start.
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