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    That is certainly one of the many conclusions I drew about them after reading the story linked here (free subscription may be required) and in the title.

    Assemblywoman Noreen Evans, D-Santa Rosa (Ed-that's just north of the San Francisco area-no surprise there is it?), has introduced a bill that is gaining traction that makes it illegal for a kid under 13 to sit in the front seat of a car.

    Under the "It's For The Kid's" program that the Democrats use to legislate more and more aspects of life and steal our ever lessening freedoms, Assemblywoman Noreen Evans' (Dipwad-Santa Rosa) Assembly Bill 2108 would also force kids to use booster seats until their eighth birthday or they are four foot nine inches tall.

    Tell you what, I am less than three inches taller than that cut off point, so legislation that creates laws based on height requirements simply reinforces my belief that our lawmakers are just a bunch of "Goofy" people enacting "Mickey Mouse" solutions and are making laws that smack of amusement park rules (you must be this tall to ride this ride).

    But it is exactly my height that has caused me to wonder if the Democrats hate seniors. You see, as I mentioned, I am barely above these height requirements, and I am gonna get old and shrink, and probably, someday, may even shrink down below that height rule. But are the democrats stating "Hey, when you get old and can't see over the dashboard you need a booster seat?"

    Nope. They don't seem to care that there are perhaps thousands of people in this predicament, and this is because "It's for the senior citizens" is a Republican program, as it is generally Republicans that seniors vote for (because wisdom does come with age), and while I have your ear about that subject (this ties in this) have you noticed that it is the Democrats that seem to be going along with the whole "death with dignity" crowd?

    Yeah.....the same people that wanna force your kid into the back seat to "protect" them (I REAAALLLY HATE THE NANNY STATE MENTALITY OF THE SOCIALIST LEFT), doesn't seem to care about your grandmother, and some of them are actively working to make it easier to kill off granny if her "quality of life" becomes "sub-standard".

    See? The Democrats hate senior citizens.
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