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    The Wide Awakes

    As previously mentioned, Wide Awakes Radio dot com is coming.

    Today I thought I would gloat a bit, and give you a line up of show hosts I have managed to gather together for the express purpose of verbally smacking you folks upside the head and bringing you around to a more correct way of thinking.

    On Wednesday, July 5th, with the start of our official schedule (subject to change without notice) at 7 AM EST, our line up will kick off with Rick Moran of RightWingNutHouse.

    Rick will be bringing you the thoughful disecction of the insanity of the country as only he is able, while gently causing moonbats to run to their dentists for a new TMJ brace.

    Next in the line up is Ric Ottiano of Release the Hounds. You may not have heard of him (and if you haven't shame on you and where ya been?), but Ric is as sharp as they come, firmly grounded in the search for "Clarity and Resolve", and crossing him is the mental equivalent of falling into a bear trap head first.

    Gribbit from Gribbit's Word takes up after Ric, nailing the ACLU and other assorted cretins while giving you the view from the man in the street.

    Jake from Freedom Folks takes up a huge task by grabbing three hours of his own to explain to you exactly why We Need A Fence and other sound ways to fix the country.

    On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays our BlogMother, Cao from CaosBlog (pronounced "key") will be telling all of you exactly why you are wrong, stupid and probably should be sent to France.

    Thursday and Sundays will see the warped sensations of Gblagg and Cracker bringing you Total Kaos with a mix of humor and correct thinking analysis that will twist your head around to the position that will allow your synapses to begin firing correctly.

    Real Teen steps into the breech on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings with the perspective of one of America's most Right Thinking Teens, bringing you insightful commentary on the state of the nation and hope that not all of the kids in school today are just begging to march through traffic demanding that we kow-tow to the forces of socialistic ruin.

    Tuesday and Thursday afternoons that Southern Belle of Common Sense, MsUnderestimated will be melting your speakers with her sweet southern drawl and a dose of fire aimed at the moronic malfeasance that seems to flow from the offices of our elected officials.

    Tomorrow I will give you the rest of the line up, including our latest addition to the unbelievable crew here at WAR, which is sure to make you sit up and say, as one of our hosts so aptly put it, "With him on board, World Domination can't be far behind."
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