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    In an astounding email CAIR takes up the issue of a "Spanish" Muslim woman that came to Florida to visit her son, who is now living with his father, and was arrested for "being connected to someone they view as suspicious."

    Safana Jawad, an Iraqi born woman whose ex-husband is now a U.S. citizen has been detained and will be deported tonight, and Homeland Security Department agents have refused to identify the suspicious person.

    Her ex-husband, Ahmad Maki Kubba, has been lauded by Florida Governor Jeb Bush as a symbol of progress in Iraq for organizing a trip to Nashville in January 2005 for about a dozen friends to vote in the Iraqi election.

    Kubba believes his ex-wife was singled out because she wears a head scarf.

    Well, let's look a little deeper shall we?

    Kubba spent 40 days in one of Saddams prisons for speaking out against the dictator and left Iraq in 1979 after being sentenced to death. His father, he says, died during a beating by Saddam's regime.

    Now he has an ex that is living a Spain (a hotbed of radical Islam and a country full of cowardly appeasers) and tries to come to the U.S. to visit and is held for having ties to suspicious people.

    I don't know why they got divorced, but the fact is that his ex is in Spain, connected to a suspicious person and trying to enter our country, and CAIR has the chutzpah to call it a racial issue?

    It is an issue of security, plain and simple. If this person she is connected with is suspicious to the U.S. government than chances are they have done something to arouse that suspicion, and not telling her gives that person a chance to decide of their own free will if they will continue on their course and eventually get captured or killed by anti-terrorism forces or if they will decide that they like being alive and free better, and that, my friends, is the epitome of freedom, the chance to decide your own destiny, free of outside influences.

    Why, if they told Jawad who that suspicious person was, they might decide that if they are being watched close enough to keep Jawad from entering the U.S. then maybe they are doing something foolish and should stop it. Then again, they may decide that they are being watched too closely and cut off ties to people that may lead our intelligence forces to those that would do us harm.

    Either way, for CAIR to play a race card when the issue is definitely one of security is reprehensible but standard practice, really, we expect no less from them.

    But stopping people possibly connected to "suspicious persons" is also what I expect our people guarding our borders to do....Good job guys....Keep it up!!!!
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