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    I just had an urge for a chocolate shake.

    You know those urges you get late in the evening that say "Yeah, that would go over perfectly right now."

    I had one hit me for a chocolate shake, so I did what I so often do, and that is run around the corner to the Jack in the Box.

    This particular JIB occassionally screws up the order (I am sure they teach 'em that in drive up window school), but no more than any other fast food joint. As I said, it is occassional, unlike my late night flights to this particular JIB.

    But that all ended tonight.

    In the interest of fair disclosure I must divulge that I once worked for Jack in the Box, as a "Mystery Guest" which was a program they had inhouse that other companies call "Secret Shoppers". I had fun at that job, driving to the various JIBs and running the scenarios the schedule had laid out for me and then reporting in to give the man on the street perspective.

    The program ended while I was in it, and now they just hand out receipts with a chance to win money if you call in and give your opinion.

    I always wondered if me working for them had any bearing on their decision....

    Anyway, this JIB is staffed with what seems to be all latinos, and I asked the manager if they would be open tomorrow. He said "No".

    "Why?" I asked, knowing that this could get ugly.

    "Nobodies coming in. I'm not even coming in."

    "Why not" I pressed.

    "We're going on revolucion." he loudly exclaimed.

    "Cool, got the corporate number?" I asked

    He pointed out the number for customers on teh window and said "right there"....I said "Never mind, you guys have fun on your protest, it'll make a great statement, I used to work for JIB corporate, I'll give the office a call myself."
    And I drove off.

    Jack in the Box is now added to the ever growing list of companies that I refuse to do business with, right alongside "Target" (refuses to support veterans ogranizations) Smart'n'Final (french owned) several other french owned companies and Wal Mart (hate to deal with their clientele out here, can afford better so I shop better).

    Jack in the Box corporate will be hearing from me in the morning....I hope they hear from you too.
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