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    If you were asked today if you agreed with the statement that it is the governments job to enforce the law, what would you say?

    Would you agree with that statement?

    If the government did not enforce the law, would you be angry with the government?

    Would you demand they start doing their job and enforcing the law?

    What if someone told you that by demanding that the government do their job you were a racist?

    Would you stand, staring at them, wondering what they were smoking?

    Now what if there was an organization that was dedicated to aiding the criminals that were breaking the law?

    What if that organization actively worked towards stopping the government from not only enforcing the laws, but making new laws that reward criminals for their behavior?

    That is exactly what International ANSWER does.

    International ANSWER is actively working towards goals that over 80% of the Citizens of The United States of America stand against, namely amnesty for 12 million criminal aliens.

    They also slander every legal citizen that demands the government enforce our laws as "racists", ignoring the fact that the law is color blind, and their is nothing racist in demanding that we all adhere to the same set of rules. It is called "fairness", and it is the bedrock of Law, and the foundation of this countries beliefs.

    The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) fully supports the struggle of the immigrant community to win the rights that all people should enjoy, and we denounce the racist attempts to criminalize undocumented and all immigrant people. We are an organization composed of citizens, residents and undocumented people.

    The government should secure the names of the members of this group, and charge every single one of them as co-conspiritors in the massive invasion of criminal aliens that have stormed our country, ignoring our laws and stealing our resources.

    They are terrorizing and criminalizing immigrants through repressive legislation, like the racist Sensenbrenner Bill, HR 4437, while instructing the police to carry out arbitrary arrests, raids and deportations. They are militarizing the U.S.-Mexico border and hoping to add 700 miles to the massive border wall. They are blocking aid for immigrants and refusing to grant drivers' licenses to undocumented workers.

    We should criminalize the people that break our laws by sneaking into our country, for they are criminals. If you break a law, you are a criminal, it is that simple.

    Arbitrary arrests, raids and deportation are not happening, yet, but they should be, and the fact that they haven't is part of what has caused the invasion in the first place. We are seen as weak pushovers that refuse to enforce our laws while giving away money, healthcare and education. "Undocumented workers", i.e. CRIMINAL INVADERS, should not have the legal privilege of driving, or working, or anything beyond being shipped to their homeland as quickly as possible.

    Corporations and politicians want to brutalize the people who work the hardest to keep society functioning - immigrant workers. Immigrants contribute billions to the U.S. economy and many, especially the undocumented, receive no benefits in return.

    We must be clear on the difference between "immigrants", and criminal immigrants. The former has made our country great. The latter is causing our hospitals to close, our schools to be over crowded, lowering the quality of education for our children, and are filling our jails, ocsting us billions more a year to try to hold onto the law and order that we are so fond of and that have made this country so great. "Undocumented aliens", i.e. the criminals that sneak in here to lower our wages and send billions back to their home countries, further affecting our economy, are allowed to secure welfare and healthcare, at your expense, when they birth their children within our borders. That's right folks, you are paying for the upkeep of criminals.

    May I ask you why you continue to work?

    The bottom line is that American will gladly do the work that these criminals do, and they cost us much more than they save us.

    There are traitors to this country that are citizens of this country actively working towards socialist ends and aiding criminals that ignore our laws and demand to you work harder for less to help support them.

    It is time to rise up, fellow Americans, and tell Washington that we will not stand idly by while our hard earned money is stolen by the parasites from third world countries that see us not as a great nation, but simply as a handout and a country that will welcome them in as long as they have the temerity to ignore what made us a great nation in the first place, our laws.
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