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    I was just at a major local park that includes a dam complex, and noticed about 38 ICE vehicles with about 15 Sherrifs Department busses in a locked parking lot. There were two helicopters that had been landed there also and some of those light APCs that the military uses to move troops through war zones.

    I asked one of the deputies what the deal was, and he said "The deal with what? I don't see anything."

    This boycott tomorrow in L.A. is going to get very interesting.

    Did anyone else notice that the cops are being really nice in helping to block off streets and herd people into certain areas?

    The planned route down Wilshire from MacArthur park to La Brea is easily an area that could be cordoned off with the right amount of troops and some strategic planning.

    Viva La Revolucion my ass!!!!
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