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    Nestled in the rolling hills, a quaint little village beckons the weary traveler with mouth-watering fare, thirst quenching ale and the bawdiest wenches this side of the Renaissance!!!


    My favorite "festival" in Southern California, (and the one I consider "home") is the Koroneburg Old World Festival.

    This site has grown from its' humble, early beginnings to become a sprawling entertainment extravaganza, with the coolest handmade crafts by some of the most talented artisans I have ever had the pleasure of finding myself sharing and ale and a tale with.

    This year promises to be to be the best yet, as we now have the giant rocking horses, (there is nothing like riding a giant rocking horse to remind you of why you shouldn't have grown up) to our latest addition to the family, Sound and Fury, (who are sure to remind you of all those little reasons why it was a good thing to grow up, indeed.)

    Old world style artisans spend the year creating their wondrous arts and crafts for this event, and I promise you that the quality is beyond compare. No cheap-o swap-meet stuff here.

    Clothiers, Potters, Swordsmiths and a host of other hard to find accoutrements of a once bygone are are as easy to find as strolling down the lane.

    Citizens that show up in the 'burg in attire of the period get a discount (over 1/3 off and you must be there before 10:30 AM) and if you don't have the proper attire for this festival, don't worry, our excellent merchants are more than happy to outfit you in the style of the day.

    After you make yourself resplendent wander down through our village and have a gander at the fyne wares our merchants have made and procured from all the lands of the known world.

    Watch tournaments of skill at the archery range, and feats of derring do in the horse fields, where jousters compete for your pleasure, and the favour of the Court.

    Come one, come all, back to a time of enchantment and wonder, when a bawdy wench calling for ale KNEW why a bodice was built that way, and wasn't afraid to wear it.

    The details:

    Koroneburg Old World Festival 2006
    April 29 - June 11, 2006
    14600 River Road, Corona, CA

    click for map
    Discount tickets available right here, and only here!!!!
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