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    Only the ACLU would take exception to the police being able to share information.

    I swear, they act every day more and more like teenagers that have something to hide, don't they?

    Linked in the title is a story about the New Mexico ACLU taking, eh, exception to the law enforcement agencies in New Mexico being able to use the "LINX" system, which stands for "Law Enforcement Information Exchange" and allows law enforcement agencies to share information faster and more equally.

    Linx lets officers type in a name, address or other piece of information, and the system makes available any reports from participating agencies pertaining to the information entered.

    Now, of course they have concerns. Namely;

    In 2001, the Detroit Free Press uncovered 90 violations by authorized users who accessed a statewide database to track down ex-girlfriends or harass a woman.

    Incidents such as this should be dealt with harshly. Anyone abusing a position of power and access for personal gain or issues should be punished in the harshest terms possible.

    But the ability of law enforcement to share information should not be hindered. That was part of the reason that 9-11 worked for the murdering thugs that pulled it off

    The ACLU is wrong to try to protect criminals at the expense of our safety.

    But then, they spend a lot of time on the wrong side of the issues, so they are probably very comfortable with that.
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