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    There is a website that I won't link to, that started, a few months ago, to "write", and, for the most part, to "write" about members of the group I am a part of, The Wide Awakes.

    To say that this persons interest in us borders on obsession may be understating it a bit, but since I am not a psychiatrist, I cannot say for certain, but a couple of psychiatrists that have been asked about it (and who shall remain unnamed) have mentioned that "obsession" may be a fitting term for its' condition.

    Recently, I took the time to peruse the website in question, tallying the pertinent stats to see exactly how deranged and obsessed this creature seemed to be.

    On February 27th, this creature attacked one of our stalwart, and warty, comrades, Ogre, and was inundated with comments by TWA members and some other friends, namely Raven.

    As of that day when the comments on that thread numbered only 90, (they have reached 140 as of this writing), the following stats held true:

    Keep in mind that "#posts" is the number of posts from that month from this creature, "#attacks" is the number of posts that attacked a TWA member and "%" is, of course, the percentage of its' posts that were attacks. In the case of comments the "#comments" is the total # of comments (when stats were tallied); "#comments by TWA" is comments made by our members or close allies and ""%" is the number of comments that were made by the creature:

    November '05:
    # posts: 10
    # attacks: 2

    #comments: 24
    #comments by TWA 12

    December '05:
    # posts: 10
    # attacks: 5

    #comments: 38
    #comments by TWA 14
    %------------------------------------30someodd percent

    January '06:
    #posts: 10
    #attacks: 6

    #comments: 24
    #comments by TWA 9
    %----------------------------------30 some odd percent

    February '06:
    #posts: 10
    #attacks: 6

    #comments: 111
    #comments by TWA 64
    %-----------------------------------60 percentish

    Total posts: 40
    Total Attacks: 19

    Total Comments: 197
    TWA Comments: 99
    Comments by creature 69
    Comments by others 29

    as one can see, this creatures attacks against TWA members has tripled since it started its' site, with fully 45% of its total posts attacking TWA members. Comments meanwhile prove that this creatures comments are driven for the most part by TWA and itself.

    That is a sad truth that this creature is only important in his own mind.

    Now, since that day his posts have numbered 23 (as of this writing) with attacks on TWA members numbering six, a figure, (if my math is correct) of just over 25%, so it seems this creature is slacking off a bit in the last couple of months.

    I am not going to go through the rest of its comments again and tally new numbers. One, it wouldn't take that long, as there aren't many, and two; I am not that bored today. Only boredom makes me drop into such a slimy pit as that site and tally stats.

    But what makes me write this now is an email exchange that I have been having with this moron. It took exception to something I wrote (big surprise there, huh?) and has been hounding me in email to use a third party forum to debate the point.

    So far I am refusing, mostly because I am not going to help him garner readers, attention and links, (I don't want to enable it....after all, that just prolongs it seeking much needed treatment), and also because it seems to drive it mad. Any time I can anger an idiotic troll is time I consider well spent.

    But, for your enjoyment, and as perhaps a case study in obsession and possibly dementia, what follows is the email exchange between myself and the creature. This exchange started after the latest (as of this writing) attack when I had to delete yet another trackback from this I said...I am giving it no traffic.

    note: "****" denotes name removed to protect the stupid.

    I was simply going to ignore you, since I have seen that about half of your posts attack a TWA member and the other half garner no attention, and over half of your comments (last I checked) were you responding to TWA members (and you only had a couple of people that weren't us that ever bothered to comment), but now I see I have to delete your trackbacks too.

    I have seen your site, you have nothing original, no original thinking, ideas or viewpoints, and the way you deliver your thoughts is blasé are squat, you have been weighed, measured, and you have been found seriously wanting, and myself and the rest of TWA have been laughing heartily knowing that our lowest member on the blogosphere totem pole gets much more attention than you.

    In short, you suck.....a lot.

    We don't care for your antics, and your style of attack and your viewpoints played out months before you got on the scene, but then you are probably used to being a day late and a dollar short.

    When you grow up, and learn how to play with the bigger kids, feel free to step in and grab a bat, but until that day know that we are laughing at you, and we know that we are making you angrier by simply ignoring the hell out of you and deleting your trackbacks......

    ****, after cruising your site again, rather quickly I must say, I have to reiterate my point about your lack of commentors......dude...after cruising the pabulum you are putting out (droll and vanilla as it is), I can only advise you take your regurgitated bile and shut that fucker down....even William Teach only gave you a look feint at him was ignored and aside from us your only comments section since we swamped you that had any "discussion" was between you and some other drab fellow.

    The more I look at your site, the more I realize how sucky you are as a writer, and I suspect as a human.

    Please....keep it up. I can't wait for the next installment of "Look at me, I have an opinion, I matter, I really do.....YOOOHOOOOO!!!!"

    This is getting to be a series worthy of a case study in obsession and the pathetic psychological pathology of a needy loner.

    How many illegal immigrants have you personally arrested thus far?

    That's what I thought...

    well ****, since I started this yesterday, and haven't been anywhere yet, the number is still zero....but that doesn't change the fact that you can't write well, think originally or entertain even if I never arrest anyone in my entire life, you will still suck!!!

    And that is fucking comedy!!!

    Your opinion of my writing is just that: merely an opinion.

    However, it is a fact that despite your bluster, the number of immigrants you've caught is exactly zero.

    Tomorrow, the number of immigrants you will have caught will still be exactly zero.

    A week from now? Exactly zero.

    A month from now? Exactly zero.

    A year from now? Exactly zero.

    You are never going capture any immigrants. You can't, of course, because you're a member of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders -- full of rhetoric and bafflegab, empty of any accomplishment. That is a fact. It will always be a fact.

    And I'll continue to remind you of that fact.

    By the way... which US law requires "citizens... to carry identification that proves their legal right to be within the borders of this great country"? Cite the statute, please.

    As they say in Texas, Kender: you are all hat, no cattle.

    "Bafflegab"....I like that. Good word. I am amazed that you are psychic, and can see my future. You should try to get a TV show with ability like that. Maybe then you would be worth more than the spittle on your computer screen.

    According to the SCOTUS decision in Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada, you can be arrested for failing to provide your name to an officer, and this includes failing to have ID if you are stopped.

    If you don't believe me, feel free to wander your town in the dead of night, in a bad area, sans ID, and if you are stopped by a cop, and don't have your ID, don't be surprised when you are arrested, fingerprinted and questioned.

    SO what have you done to help the country? Yeah...NOTHING....your bloviating and constant useless attacks on me, and my Wide Awakes crew only shows you to be just another windbag with no readership, no credentials as any kind of a writer and a pathetic creature more suited for a trailer in the backwoods of some long forgotten and bypassed podunk town. At least there you might have a shot at someone, anyone, listening to you.

    I am continuing to laugh at you heartily and make fun of your insipid obsession with your betters.

    Tha's nice.. and also irrelevant. The decision you cite says nothing about having to carry papers that "prove" some "legal right" to be in the US. Certainly no ID you carry has any bearing on that question. Read for comprehension, little boy.

    Answer the question: Which statute requires "citizens... to carry identification that proves their legal right to be within the borders of this great country"?

    You'll never arrest anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Why? You're a coward. You run from honest discussions. You lie about what others have written. You alter and forge comments to discredit anyone who challenges you.

    You'll stay at your keyboard. You will go out and do... nothing.

    And I'll keep reminding you of that fact.

    You keep on reminding me of your perception, and I will know that nobody is still reading your nothing still don't know me, and nobody reads your crappy worthless drivel.

    I win.

    Run away, little boy.

    You answer my question!!!

    And where did I ever say anything about a "STATUTE"? I didn't. Go walk around without ID and see how long before a cop says you must carry it.

    You're lying... again:

    "And since it is the law of the land that citizens are legally obligated to carry identification that proves their legal right to be within the borders of this great country...".

    Nothing in the court decision you cited states or implies that requirement.
    Answer the question: Which statute requires "citizens... to carry identification that proves their legal right to be within the borders of this great country"? How many immigrants did you arrest today?

    better question for many people failed to read a thing you wrote today?

    The law I referenced upheld the right of officers to arrest people for refusing to answer question or ask for ID.

    Which is, of course, not relevant to your assertion that there exists a law requiring residents of the US to carry proof of legal status. That was your claim, and as usual, you cannot back it up with facts. You've been caught lying, Kender -- again. have been caught being a simpleton, a moron, a dolt and someone that nobody really reads. Just because you have no comprehension doesn't mean everyone else must spell out every little thing for you, ****. We are not like the drivers you befriended on the window licker bus on your way to school; we are the kids that threw milk at you in the cafeteria.

    Why yes, Kender, you're absolutely right. You and your cohorts are, indeed, children. You are incapable of adult discussion, incapable even of adult thought. You are definitely incapable of demonstrating the adult quality known as honesty.

    I have a proposition for you. I can prove -- beyond any doubt -- that you've lied about the requirement that US residents carry identification. In past discussions on, you've "won" by editing my comments. Do you have the balls to discuss this in an open forum, one that neither you nor I control, where neither of us can edit the comments made by the other?

    Will you stand up and defend your statements in public, or slink fearfully away like the coward we both know you are?

    Awful quiet there, Kender. Was the thought of actually having to defend your claims in a forum you can't control too much for you?

    The offer remains open. Have you the courage to accept a simple challenge?

    -- ****

    I'm not quiet, I happen to be busy working....even I have to do some work occasionally....what forum ****?

    First things first. Do you accept the challenge to defend your assertion that US residents, by law, must carry identification?

    What Forum???

    The discussion will take place in a mutually agreed-upon forum. Which forum is irrelevant unless you accept the challenge. So far, you're doing a crackerjack job of proving that you lack the guts to discuss this in a forum that you cannot control.

    Actually I am having more fun watching you make demands and not get your way.....

    And again, you have to lie to make a "point".

    I've made no demands, little coward. I've asked a question. You're proving, once again, that you are terrified by the mere thought of an open, honest discussion that you cannot manipulate.

    No, I am watching you make claims that I lied and make demands that I join some "forum I have no control over" and seem to get madder with each email....have you not figured out that one of my greatest joys in life is making assholes like yourself angry?

    Has it not sunk into your thick skull that nothing makes me happier than making some troll see red and yell at their monitor?

    Are you so fucking dense that you haven't understood that not only little old me, but the entirety of TWA is laughing our asses off at you with each succeeding email where you make demands and don't get your way??? are either seriously stupid or obsessed with The Wide Awakes. As I have pointed out, almost half of your posts attack members of TWA, and about half of your comments are from you responding to commentors, of which almost half of your commentors are those you have precious few readers, nobody takes your drivel seriously, and it gives me nothing to smack you around in any public forum, but may bring you more readers, which is not a goal of mine at all.

    You are not gonna get what you want, no matter what you claim, and I will continue to delete your trackbacks and ignore your ignorant attacks.

    It is so much more fun to do that and deny you any sort of traffic, notice, notoriety or readership through me than it is to make you look even more idiotic.....but by all means, please keep emailing me about.....I love sharpening my claws on your is, after all, so thin skinned and soft, it is almost like clawing silk.

    You are afraid to discuss your claim. Thank you for taking the time to make that clear.

    No...not afraid....I just don't see the benefit to me....the benefit to you is clear....possibly more traffic, unearned because it would come from something besides your talent as a writer or your entertainment value.....the only benefit I could get is smacking you around in a public forum even more, but I am not obsessed with the notoriety like you seem to be, so it is actually more of a benefit for me to smack you around in private emails and make you pound your head against an electronic wall when you don't get what you want.

    Is that clear enough, ****?

    And now his latest post reads:

    In the course of making the grandiose claim that he'd be out single-handedly arresting illegal aliens, Kender MacGowan made the assertion that

    [I]t is the law of the land that citizens are legally obligated to carry identification that proves their legal right to be within the borders of this great country…
    I challenged Kender via email to provide the legal basis for his claim, and he responded:
    According to the SCOTUS decision in Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada, you can be arrested for failing to provide your name to an officer, and this includes failing to have ID if you are stopped.
    (Emphasis mine.)
    It seems that poor Kender is the living embodiment of the well-worn saying that a little learning is a dangerous thing. The Supreme Court, in Hiibel, did indeed affirm that a citizen is required to give his name to a police officer if asked. But on the question of carrying identification, the Supreme Court stated:

    [T]he Nevada Supreme Court has interpreted NRS §171.123(3) to require only that a suspect disclose his name… As we understand it, the statute does not require a suspect to give the officer a driver's license or any other document. Provided that the suspect either states his name or communicates it to the officer by other means — a choice, we assume, that the suspect may make — the statute is satisfied and no violation occurs.
    Given the contents of the Hiibel decision, there can be no doubt that Kender was lying when he claimed that US citizens are legally obligated to carry identification. There is no such legal requirement. He provides yet another example of the tendency among radical right-wing bloggers to invent whatever "facts" are necessary to support their arguments, regardless of what the truth may be.

    To which I replied with the cooty-graw:

    Thanks for calling me a "radical right wing blogger".....however, if this moniker had come from someone I respect, or at least didn't think was a complete waste of resources, it would probably mean more to, just to clarify:

    If you do not have ID on you when a cop stops you, for whatever reason, the cop may legally arrest you and hold you until such time as he ascertains your identity. This is completely legal. Which means that you must carry ID, and if you do not you risk arrest for nothing more than NOT carrying ID.

    So, in effect, the law of the land can be read as you must carry ID.....


    so how many times are you going to need to get your trackbacks deleted before you quit banging your head against an electronic wall?

    Dumbass!!! that comedy? Or what???
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