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    Occassionally this blog become a soapbox.
    OK, it is frequently a soapbox.

    OKOK....this is my soapbox, so right now let me get up here and say that you need to go to Immigration Watchdog and watch these videos.

    It will give you a good sense of what we, as Legal American Citizens are up against.

    We are up against well organized groups of people that think nothing of lying and calling us racists because they know that the policies and laws they propose are simply to reward law breakers and make it easier for the criminals that break into our country to get away with their illegal behavior.

    It is getting ever more dangerous to protest against these law breakers. They have already broken many laws, so breaking another one by attacking someone for exercising their First Amendment right is nothing to them.

    But take heart, after an absence due to some health issues, I am back in the game, and will be back on the streets and in teh face of the criminals that would dare to steal our country from us.

    Long Live The United States of America!!!

    Let Freedom Ring!!!!
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