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    My fellow Americans, I have the solution.

    I have the solution to one of our most pressing problems, and this solution will not only solve our problems, it will show the world how kind and generous we are, and how we always take lemons, and make the best damned spiked lemonade you have ever had.

    I tell you, I am so excited with this solution that I can barely type, because my hands are shaking so hard. I was sleeping fitfully, after writing so much on the criminal invasion that is upon us, and having bad dreams about Mexican deserts and red tape fiascoes, (don't ask me what it all means, it is hazy and vague....kinda' like the memory of a Tequila drunk), when suddenly the solution hit me, and I sat bolt upright, wide awake and knew I had to share this revelation with all of you.

    So, the solution to all of our problems with Mexico and criminal invasion is this:


    Now...before you start to scream at me let me lay out the case for annexing Mexico, and show you that the pros far outweigh the cons, and that by annexing Mexico we would solve a lot of problems, not only problems we have, but problems that others have.

    Firstly, almost 100 million Mexicans live in poverty because their government is corrupt and doesn't do a good enough job of developing their resources. We can fix all of that. With Mexico annexed, their cultural corruption is going to get stamped out, because we won't be dealing with the corrupt Mexican Federale system, but rather the American system. Our corruption gets brought down, eventually.

    We can develop all of the resources that Mexico has, (they have some oil, you know), and make those tourist destinations much friendlier to the world by building a water system that actually gives you water that won't leave your guys in your commode. That in and of itself would make tourism even bigger than it is now.

    We could make a serious dent in the drug trade, because WE would be securing the much smaller southern border of what is now Mexico, and it would put our troops that much closer to where they need to be when the Chinese get crazy in Panama in a few years.

    We would seriously cut down on criminal invasion, from most countries in the world, and as mentioned above, get rid of the corruption that runs rampant in Mexico.

    People around the globe make themselves out to be liars by saying that the United States is an Imperial Power, so lets help them not be liars and start acting like it.

    Sure, it would be a lot of work, but Mexico is under-developed. A treasure box just waiting to be opened.

    Americans can do anything we set our minds to, and making old Mexico a great new, prosperous part of the United States will be well worth it.

    Mexico won't help secure the border, and it seems most of them want to be in the United States anyway, so let's take America to them.

    So join me won't you, in spreading the word. We can make Mexico ours, fix the corruption, develop the resources, make America stronger and fix a lot of problems, both current and future, all at once. It will be a lot of work, but anything worth doing is a lot of work, right?

    That is my plan for fixing the problem.

    Annex Mexico!!!
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