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    From Tucson today comes the news that the ACLU is not going to be able to kick the Minutemen Corps. off of public trust land.

    Ray Ybarra of the ACLU wanted the Arizona State Land Department to send the Minutemen packing, because we all know that the ACLU just can't stand the fact that there are Patriots at the border, doing the job the government won't do while stemming the flow of criminal aliens that feed the great beast of socialism that drives the wet dreams and fondest fantasies of the ACLU.

    As it turns out, people did have permits, and those that didn't have them promised to get them online.

    On Tuesday, deputy state Land Commissioner Richard Hubbard called it a misunderstanding by the employee. He said the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers were invited by the landowners to do ranch work in addition to their patrols, which gives them the right to be there.
    "They are authorized to be there under the terms of the lease," Hubbard said.
    Ranch owner Pat King, whose ranch includes some state trust land that she leases, said she has a contract with the group for the volunteers to monitor cattle, pick up trash and fix fences on her property, King's Anvil Ranch.
    She called the ACLU members misguided, out-of-town youngsters who don't understand what people- and drug smugglers have done to her land and the valley.
    "Those American Civil Liberties Union persons up there are not concerned about me at all," King said. "So they are not really the American Civil Liberties Union are they? Because they don't give a darn about what has happened to my constitutional rights to property."

    No, Pat, the ACLU could give not one ounce of care about you, your situation or your freedom to conduct business. They only care about letting criminal aliens sneak into this country to usurp our sovereignty and steal our resources.

    Ybarra and about 60 other volunteers have been monitoring the Minuteman volunteers since they began their patrol April 1. The wrangling is the latest in a series of nonphysical skirmishes between the groups.
    Ybarra says the volunteers shine high-powered flashlights on them as they drive by. O'Connell accuses the ACLU of berating and harassing them on their patrols and of interfering with Border Patrol apprehensions. He said the group will consider legal action.

    Well what a dingdang surprise that is....the ACLU will consider legal action.

    Let me tell you something, I am firmly convinced the members of the ACLU consider legal action if their paper is late in the morning, when they don't get a receipt for their 8 dollar latte or when their panties just get too wadded up. I have never seen a group that was so blasted sue happy, and wish to remind you fine people of that old saying:

    When the revolution comes it will be the lawyers that will be first against the wall.
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