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    Voters in the ever more blue state of California have shown that they don't understand fiscal responsibility and refuse to bite the bullet to fix this once great state.

    Led by San Francisco, that bastion of Socialism and lefty shitmongers, (yes, I said "shitmongers" and I am using it in the most derogatory use possible, (you buttfucking, dengenerate, felching, nutchompers), which decided that handguns should be illegal in the city (morons) and also passed Measure I, which "encourages city officials and university administrators to exclude recruiters and create scholarships and training programs that would reduce the military's appeal to young adults", voters in California showed once again that even though they possess the right to vote, they would rather have a socialist state and lose that right.

    In L.A., voters passed Measure Y, which was yet another grab for money by the L.A. Unified School District. It called for a 3.9 billion dollar bond sale, to be paid for through higher property taxes, to build more schools and other needed facilities. The problem with Measure Y is that the voters recently passed another bond issue for the LAUSD to the tune of 10 BILLION dollars, which the district hasn't gone through yet. Add in the fact that many of the improvments the district plans on making are dependent upon matching funds from the state, so look for a vote on a statewide bond measure soon, just so the citizens of the entire state can get screwed by the LAUSD.

    Let us not forget two other important facts about Measure Y. One, the places where schools are needed most likely won't see them in time to do any good, as the improvments are dependent on other matching funds being raised through property taxes in the area they are built. In other words, property taxes must be collected in the area of the school that is to be built or improved, and low income areas have less property taxes so it will take longer to raise that kind of money. The LAUSD is also expecting enrollment to fall starting this year. The bonds they have gotten placed on the ballot are going to raise the property taxes on the average L.A. home by almost 600 dollars by 2009. The LAUSD just bent the voters of L.A. County over the desk and gave them the altar boy treatment, without lube, and the voters asked for it.

    As for Arnies initiatives, they all failed, including one that would make it LAW for a doctor to notify the parents of a child that wants an abortion.

    The Republican governor had cast the four initiatives as central to his larger vision for restoring fiscal discipline to California and reforming its notoriously dysfunctional politics. The failure of Proposition 76, his spending restraints, and Proposition 77, his election district overhaul, represented a particularly sharp snub of the governor by California voters. It also threw into question his strategy of threatening lawmakers with statewide votes to get around them when they block his favored proposals.

    For an honest look at partisan bickering in California, one needs look no farther than the words used by both sides after the elections:

    Arnie pledged: ""to find common ground" with his adversaries

    One of those adversaries, Mike Jimenez, president of the California Correctional Peace Officers Assn, said;

    "He never apologized once for trashing every one of us,"...."And I can tell you, tomorrow we're not going to apologize for the way this election turned out. Tomorrow starts Round 2."

    This once great state is fast becoming a bastion of socialist fucktards that have no grasp on reality.

    To the voters of California that went to the polls I say thank you for that. To the ones that don't have the sense to realize this state is in trouble and needs strong medicine to get back to being a great state, I say FUCK YOU!!!

    Move to Washington or Oregon where your dumbass thieving liberal ways are tolerated, and leave my wonderful state alone.

    Everyone of you should be slapped upside your stupid ass slack-jawed heads.
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