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    But now I have some proof. I stopped over there a bit ago in the middle of watching CSPAN and the unfolding drama that called the Dems out on the carpet regarding their positions on the war.

    Over at the Pile Of Shit, or the Daily POS as some know it by, was this "gem" of wrong-headed analysis.

    The latest incarnation of the New McCarthyism, the ugly Duncan Hunter stunt - the so-called "Murtha" resolution - blew up in their face.

    The NYTimes reported that:

    House Republicans are attempting to split the ranks of the Democrats tonight by offering a resolution to withdraw American troops from Iraq immediately.

    The vote on the rule to bring the Fake Hunter Resolution to the floor for a vote passed 210-202, but every every Democratic representative who voted, voted against the rule and 5 Republicans joined the Democrats.

    Obviously, the Republican attempt failed.

    Here is why this shows, without one shred of doubt, why the poster, "armando" is a blathering moron with the IQ of a turnip.

    The goal of this Resolution was to allow the Dems to follow through with all of the rhetoric they spew about "supporting the troops but not the war", to give them a chance to finally "put their money where their mouths are" so to speak. It was, after all, an idea thought up by a Democrat, (the withdrawal, not nailing the Dems to the door of the Capitol Building), and after months of hearing all of the BS from the left the GOP finally found their spine and called them on it.

    The vote that Armando wrote about here was the vote to decide if the measure went to the floor for debate. Of course the Dems voted "NAY". They didn't want that Resolution on the floor for debate. They wanted that Resolution forgotten about. It made them look bad.

    As well it should. When it came down to it even the Dems that stood up and said they would vote YEA on the Resolution voted Nay, as the progressive Black Caucus Chair swore he would vote to bring the troops home, and with his 43 members we see that he didn't get the job done, since the had a grand total of THREE YEA votes.

    The Dems had two choices here if they didn't stop the Resolution from making it to the floor, which of course they didn't. Their two choices were, vote Yea on the Resolution, showing the world, their constituencies and most importantly the Military who the true cowards are, or vote Nay, making them appear strong on defense, but, more importantly finally giving the world solid proof that even though they say they are against the war, the Dems do NOT possess the guts to vote their convictions.

    As my friend Kit says, the Dems are all suck and no swallow.

    Linked@Jay's and XPOSTED@Real Teen's.
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