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    I thought with the riots in Francistan that "aren't" occurring right now that it would be timely to repost this little gem. When I first wrote this people said "It'll never happen"......guess what?

    It has started!!!

    The elections in France have led to a surprise, and a radical imam of the Paris Mosque has been elected President of France. Within weeks the France the world knew for so long is gone, destroyed by a dark vision of the future justified by "the will of the people and Allah the Merciful".

    The Islamic Caliphate of Francistan is newly established, and the purges of artists, free-thinkers, public arts and anyone non-muslim is in full swing.

    The Louvre has been looted and her collected works destroyed after the newly elected President of Francistan issued orders that all graven images are forbidden. Every museum in France falls before the "Moral Police" and their "Enforcement Squads". Anyone caught trying to smuggle art out of the country is summarily beheaded.

    Decrees go out across the land that Burkahs are now mandatory, men cannot shave, and the borders are closed as a precaution. Dhimmitude is the order of the day.

    Any that are not devout muslim find them selves being fired from jobs and land taken from them. They are forced into camps and told that they would be found housing as soon as possible, but the squalid camps deteriorate quickly with the coming of winter, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent are denied passage to check the status of those in the camps.

    Europe cowers in the shadow of a radical islamic caliphate that is now in possession of nuclear weapons, as the UN attempts to negotiate with the new leaders of Francistan. The UN's power in the world waned tremendously after President Jeb Bush followed the advice of his Secretary of State John Bolton and withdrew from the corrupt organization and threw them out of the country.

    From their new offices in The Hague they still attempted to sway world events, but any clout they had was lost when Moammar Khadaffi was made Secretary General. Ever since they were seen as a nuisance with no real authority and were ignored more often than not.

    The government of the US watched carefully the developments in Francistan, and indeed was finalizing plans at that very moment to destroy all of Francistans nuclear capabilities at the first sign of trouble with a secret space based weapon that was in a geo-synchronous orbit over Europe. (In actuality they had 6 of them).

    It was at precisely that moment that a delegation walked up to the White House gate and asked to see the President.

    It was the government in exile of old france that had been ordered put to death for daring to speak against islam and demand a return to the tenet's that had made france a great country once.

    They were asking to see the President.

    A secret service agent walked into the room and whispered into the Presidents ear. Grimly the President stared at the floor and nodded, mumbling "I see".

    Straightening up he looked the secret service agent dead in the eye and said, "In honor of the many years of friendship that Old France showed the United States, and in the same spirit of that friendship, I won't be meeting with the delegation from the Old French Government, and send my condolences about the current situation their with the radical muslims. Be sure to express my shock that a group as peaceful as Jihadists would even dream of destroying cultural works of art and beheading people for simply wanting to be different than the muslims would, and ummm, Joe?"

    The secret service agent looked up with a sparkle knowing what was coming....."Send them out some cake" said the President.

    "Of course President Bolton." Came the Reply.

    XPOSTED@The Wide Awakes, Cao's, MadTech's and Conservative Angst
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