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    Comments from my original post now titled “2018 A.D.”, but titled then as “The Year is 2018”. These comments have been set aside as they were in blogger, and I now use haloscan, but luckily, gmail lets you keep everything. I picked up a troll on that one….I may go back and visit him and ask him what he thinks now of my prognostication.

    A hat tip for this idea goes to Redneck Guru

    These comments are from Leonard, who is an aspiring film critic.
    Enjoy the inanity of Leonard.

    Muslim invaders? Please, the year is not 1095. Anyway, to suggest that in 13 years Muslims will have taken complete control of France is a rather insulting prediction, not to mention one that has about a 10^-32 percent chance of coming true.

    Do some research? What for? It's not like you or KKKender has done any research. I am contributing to the coversation (coherently too, or else you would not be able to understand what I am saying) by pointing out how monotonous and racist KKKender is.

    And I would appreciate it if your lame insults ("wanna be film critic", "dunce's cap"--ooo, I'm so insulted!) and profanity ("ass"--how eloquent!) were left out of the conversation.

    And this one;

    What invitation? And to what invaders? You would think that if some Muslims wanted to invade France, and France was just inviting them in, it would be mentioned at Drudge or CNN. But apparently not. Looks like KKKender, with his wild "predictions" is more reliable than any news source I can think of.

    Also, just because you have been carrying on a racist tradition for 600 years does not mean you should continue. Please, no appeals to tradition. It gets ever so tiresome

    And here is one of my favorites, which gets SHREDDED in the next comment. I love it when libidiots toss out the latin phrases they learn in philosophy class. Shows them for the wrong thinking asses they are:

    "leo, simply because you lack the thought processes to understand the current situation in france, and indeed, the rest of europe to a lesser extent, does not mean that I am wrong.

    There are far more people that see the truth of what I am saying than possess the lack of foresight you seem so gifted with....or rather, there are fewer people that lack foresight to your extent trolling my blog."

    So, I'm supposed to convince myself you're right? Oh, and you just used something called argumentum ad numerum, which is a logical fallacy.

    And as I said, that last comment was shredded in this next one made by my friend Jeremy, the American Warmonger;

    Dear Leonard 5,

    You really seem to have a talent for talking and saying close to nothing.

    Let me explain.

    You're entire logical fallacy argument is nullified by your usage of them in the very text you use to accuse. I'm sure it's pretty fun for someone to try and pull logical fallacies out of thin air. Unfortunately, you missed a couple.

    1. argumentum ad numerum - WRONG!
    You used it to counter a statement about 20% of France's population being Muslim. It should be used in the event there is a group of people saying something. This is the "four out of five dentists agree" argument.

    2. Racists. Isn't it funny that you're running around calling everybody a racist when you, yourself are guilty of the exact thing you are accusing Kender of? You DO subscribe to the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" thing, right? Wouldn't that make you anti-Semitic, aka racist?

    3. If you are tired of the same old "bash France" meme you know where the door is. Don't let it hit you where the good lord split you.

    4. There are several countries in Europe that have enacted new legislation due to the growing population of Muslims in their own counties. Turkey is probably the best example of religious terrorism. Their entire government is structured so that the military can replace government if the church and state ever get too close. The most recent example was in 2003, when the U.S. wanted to use Turkey to access Iraq and they were denied. The military did a little house-cleaning project and the entire leading Islamic party were summarily fired.

    Kender's concept is much more of a full on European fear in several countries, including England and especially France. Remember the secular fight they had in France over the head garb in class of a Muslim child, or is your memory selective?

    Now that I've explained pretty much your entire argument do you see why I feel you are saying much adieu about nothing?

    [Since it seems like everyone is doing it (ad numerum) it's my turn to hurl an ad hominem]

    You self-subservient, sub-educated, sophomoric miscreant with an orally phallic fallacy problem.

    [Does that work as ad hominem?]

    For those of you interested Leonard once blogged about bad films, or rather, blogged about films badly, over at overratedfilms but it should have been called “Overrated blogger” for all of the great work he did over there. He hasn’t posted anything in ages, so maybe he got offline, or walked out in front of a bus in a drool induced fit of clumsiness.

    Either way these are the choicest and most savory bits from that not-so-long ago exchange, (early July of 05), and I decided to post them mostly because my friend Redneck Guru mentioned them. I am going to email old Leonard and ask him what he thinks of the current situation in Francistan, and if he gets back to me I will let you know what he said. In the meantime I will leave you with the last message I got from Leo as he bid us a fond farewell and rode off into that bee-you-tee-full sunset:

    You know what? Screw this. It's obvious that the car of this argument in which we are all passengers has crossed the border between Reasonland and Bickeringstan. And it was not headed into Reasonland.

    Basically, you're never going to convince me of anything, and I'm never going to be able to convince you of anything. No one here could possibly gain anything by continuing to post. I have better things to do (like watch movies!) than posting here, and I'm sure you...uh...well, I'm sure the rest of you will find something productive to do with the time.

    In departure, I would like to leave you with a quote that sums up the situation perfectly. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one, so here's something a golf commentator said once:

    "One of the reasons Arnold Palmer is playing so well is that, before each tee shot, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them.... Oh my God, what have I just said?"
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