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    Ogre has some insights that he found wandering the special attention to what they say, and lest you miss the point, it means, in a nutshell, that welfare and other socialist programs are WRONG!!!!

    Go over to Cao's and read the details of cindy's treasonous nature. Pay close attention to the groups supporting her, and realize what bastards they truly are. If you read this and agree with the groups that have hijacked a grieving mothers aching heart in furtherance of thier anti-American ideals then you should be shot for supporting traitorous activity and smacked for being stupid.

    TheMaryHunter has a great piece up at Stop the ACLU, (and at his site there is a great many other things to read, always), explaining exactly how ignorant the average American really is.

    The Mad Tech has his always awesome WTF Friday Rant. Expect to be clicking and reading plenty over there.

    TJ at NIF is a much better link farmer than some other, more well known link farmers, and TJ actually is a good fellow with opinions that AREN'T whiny, wishy-washy leftist crap.....unlike other link farmers who I won't even mention anymore, although if I did you would INSTAntly know who I was talking about. (BTW, Thanks for the link TJ)

    Crystal Got Her JOB!!!!

    Van Helsing over at moonbattery has the oft repeated tale of that dumbass Kanye "The Whining Liar" West getting his no talent ass booed before the Patriots game. Only, Van Helsing has a very wise word of advice for kerry

    And FINALLY, the bit I have been aching to write ALL DAY (I am technically on vacation). Our Wide Awakes Colleague and Right Thinking Writer Extrodinaire....The Master of Sardonic Wit Formerly Known As SuperHawk, RICK MORAN has an article read by Rush Limbaugh on Rush's show today on the EIB Network at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Go Check out his site RightWingNutHouse

    Congrats Rick.

    Make your way through the Wide Awakes Blogroll for more great reading.

    And while you are at StoptheACLU consider donating to help get the word out about those treasonous skunks.
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