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    It occured to me yesterday while at the grocer's listening to someone mention they try not to purchase items made from plastic (because they are trying to lessen the amount they are throwing away either in the landfill or recycle bin) how we stop war and save the planet. This person tries to buy things in glass containers and recycles most everything.

    Good thing?

    I don't think so.

    Recycling not only hurts the poor but it also promotes war.

    I can hear you now saying "WTF Kender??? How can you draw that conclusion?"

    Let me enlighten you.

    It is really a very simple connection.

    We fight in the ME to stop radical islamists from taking over and subjugating millions of people and holding the world hostage with regards to energy. (If you think for one moment that these jihadists wouldn't hold the worlds energy supply hostage then go get your lobotomy finished).

    Plastic is made from oil.

    The more we recycle plastic the less we rely on new oil to create more plastic.

    The less we rely on new oil the longer the oil is going to last.

    The longer the oil lasts the longer we will have to fight to keep it flowing and secure our safety and Freedom, (and if you can't see the connection between these things please step in front of a speeding bus)

    Therefore, recycling extends the supply of oil, thereby extending wars.

    Wage Peace, Don't Recycle!!!
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