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    Another tip o' me tam for this story goes to Release the Hounds, (I should pay those folks for research huh?).

    Here in America there is a saying, which is

    "As California goes, so goes the nation"

    and the reason this saying has come about is because California has a long history of passing legislation that the rest of the country seems to follow. A scary thought since California is home to San Francisco and Berkeley, both hotbeds of non-sensical liberalism.

    People that have stood against gay marriage have stated, among many other arguments against it, that first it will be gay marriage, then polygamy.

    Well, perhaps the new saying should be

    "As go the Dutch, so goes the world"

    as the Dutch government has granted a civil union to a man and two women.

    As Ric over at RTH so succinctly puts it,

    "if two people love each other and want to have their commitment recognized through marriage, society has no compelling reason to prevent them from doing so, on what basis could you prevent adult siblings, parents and children or three of more persons from "marrying" each other."

    (BTW, Ric is NOT promoting gay marriage, though that short quote makes it sound as if he is...just want that clear)

    Well, how about we throw this rule into marriage?

    1) Marriage must be between two consenting human adults of legal age and not related closer than third cousins by blood.

    You know why we can't toss this rule in there?

    Because soemone, somewhere down the line, will say it tramples on their right to the pursuit of happiness.

    The ACLU supports and fights for polygamy, among other things, and it begs the question, why does the ACLU, in so many cases, stand for the things that tear the very fabric of society?

    If you think that this issue doesn't tear the fabric of society, consider the high rate of homosexual molestation in foster homes and that studies have shown that this indeed seems to be the case. This is pedophilia, and just to piss people off remember that many of the same people that fight gay marriage also fight gay adoption, and if you think that just because someone decides to adopt as opposed to being a foster parent means that the likelyhood of molestation will go down then eat some drano and get off of my planet.

    The ACLU fights FOR gay marriage, polygamy, legalizing drugs and pedophiles.

    These things are all interconnected, and there must be a balance of freedoms with the concerns for the safety of our society, especially the children. (can I say it's for the children? Or does the left own that term?)

    This started out as a story on gay marriage, but as you can see it has become a post highlighting, (in a perfunctory way) the connection between the stances the ACLU defends and the danger we face if we don't stand up to these cretins.
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