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    This post is going to be a bit on the rough side with regards to language.

    Many people have been saying exactly what I am going to say here today, except I am going to put it into words that the people that need to hear it can understand...and I am not talking about you idiots on the left....this, this time I am talking to the idiots that caused all of the havoc in New Orleans after Katrina hit.

    I will get to you damned leftist apologists towards the end of this rant, so if you think it is Bush's fault and that all of those scum-sucking lazy welfare leeches and those vile criminals were just doing what it took to survive just hang have plenty of blame too.

    What really set me off was this idiot writing an article in the globe and mail, one of those rags out of "canadia" (I love writing the word "canadia" really gets those canuks in a tizzy).

    He writes:

    In U.S. cities like New Orleans, in the analysis of the American-British organizational psychologist Cary Cooper, social cohesion depends on a shared belief that individual hard work, good luck and God's grace will bring a person out of poverty and into prosperity. But those very qualities can destroy the safety net of mutual support that might otherwise help people in an emergency.

    No, what you are seeing in New Orleans goes back 40 years, to the creation of the "welfare mentality". These people don't have that rugged American Spirit that defines the best qualities in America. These people have a "Gimme Mine First" mentality coupled with a "Someone Owes Me" syndrome exhibited by the "Wher' Da' Gub'mint?" addiction.

    Sad to say this is what you get when you have a welfare mentality and NOT the mentality of a True American.

    Two essays have come to my attention that you really need to read to see what is behind this breakdown in society...what caused the utter explosion of lawlessness in New Orleans after the fact, the descriptions of the scenes in New Orleans brought to mind another scene of a port town being looted by lawless criminals bent on looting the town of every last bit of plunder before the authorities arrived to stop their rampage.....unfortunately this scene is a romanticized version of a time that scenes like the last few days in NO were much more common place. I am talking about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

    (one of those essays is Here, called "tribes" and the other is here. Go read them both.)

    But this isn't a ride. This isn't a romantic version of history. This is real...and the dogs that have been looting are the same kind of people that would have been pirates in an earlier time....then again, maybe not....pirating was hard work.

    The people out looting are the product of the left's attempt to "take care of those less fortunate"....only they have created a nanny state, one that causes people over generations, (YES, GENERATIONS) to come to expect that the government will be there to take care of everything no matter what.

    The people that have been looting are, for the most part, (and by "most" I mean the vast majority of them), common criminals. Even these cops!!!

    I bet a lot of you are wondering if I am going to bring up the fact that it seems to be only the blacks out doing this right?

    I don't have to....This guy already did that.

    The New Orleans PD is apparently rife with cowards and lazy bastards that don't deserve to wear the badge. You can read about that here.

    Do you remember all of the stories about cops turning in their badges in New York as the clean-up at ground zero began?

    Neither do I!!!

    Here is a great bit from this story:

    One man was packing his van so full of computers, televisions and DVD players that he had trouble closing the rear doors.

    Another bit from that same story really gives you the mindset of the people that stayed in NO during the storm:

    When a teenage girl passed out face down between the baby clothes and a womenÂ’s sock display, people pushed past or stepped on her.

    Joseph LoCascio, of Picayune, Miss., stopped to try to help the girl. He rolled her over, and she vomited pink liquid all over her face and hair. He then rolled her back.

    "This is" messed "up," he said. "People just walking around like they donÂ’t care. All theyÂ’re worried about is getting free bulls-- instead of a human life."

    Let me put this in a nutshell people.

    The majority of the people in the welfare system are there for life. They were born into it...they will die in it...and during that intervening time they will raise another generation in it.

    Clinton's legacy of dismantling the welfare state didn't go far enough.

    Poverty is a learned condition, not an economic condition, and until these useless lazy bastards learn to do for themselves this will happen again. Let the terrorists set off a nuclear device in the ghetto or barrio, the slums or the projects, anywhere that poor people congregate, and you will see this again.

    The policies enacted by the left over the last 40 years have been a huge mistake, and a costly one at that. The ingrained racism in the policies of welfare and affirmative action are shameful, and only by having an ignorant population too distracted by poverty could the left have kept it going for this long.

    Welfare doesn't work....and New Orleans needs to be rebuilt....guess who should be doing the grunt labor in that endeavor?

    Yep...all those people that are out there looting and pillaging......give 'em stiff sentences and make 'em work on clean-up crews....tell them that if they want a check dammit, they are gonna have to WORK for long as they can at least lean on a broom and push it along put 'em to work.

    As for you softheaded lefties out there worried about all of the victims of Katrina, worry about the true victims....the people that lost their homes and possessions, their loved ones and their jobs.

    Don't worry about those folks out there "getting the necessities" like make-up and electronics.....those folks are gonna do just fine...either on your welfare system or robbing you on a dark street at night...they'll be fine!!!
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