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    Linked in the title is a story about the aclu (my favorite name for them? Against Citizens Like Us), going to bat AGAIN for CONVICTED sex offenders.

    In a stunning twist of reality though I may agree with them.....this time.

    See, this particular sex offender "offended" by doing something to an adult. The aclu, of course, hasn't released this guy's (person's?) name, however they do point out that this offender did complete their sentence and has completed all terms of sentencing and rehabilitation........hhhhmmmmmm......what I want to know is this;

    What was the offense?

    We don't know.

    If it was something such as waving your junk around outside or getting caught knockin' boots with your gal in the back of the car one night then, yeah, fix the law so that the term "sex offender" applies to pedophiles and rapists. (and yes, some places in this country you can be labled as a sex offender for being caught with your pants down in public)

    But if this is a case of the aclu fighting for the right of some rapist or some such scumbag then never mind this rant and rest easy in the knowledge that they are once again on the wrong side of things.....until I know WHAT this offender did I am going to hold my judgment about this case.
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