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    Today is September 11th.

    I don't have to tell you what that means.

    I, like everyone else, have my story.

    Where we were...what we were doing....what we were feeling.

    For the record I was at home, glued to my TV and taking care of my son.

    I made two predictions that day. I was correct on one and, thankfully, severely mistaken on the second.

    The first- I called a friend after the second tower fell and told her the name of the man who would be behind the attack. Her father had just called her to say the same.

    The second- I said, (knowing that the towers had 50,000 people who worked there), "This may eclipse Viet Nam in deaths".

    That is, briefly, where I was and what I was doing.

    What was I feeling?


    Pure Rage.

    I didn't shed one tear that day. I still haven't. I refuse to do that. This is still not the time for tears. This is still the time for rage.

    I pushed the lump in my throat down constantly that day, as I do now.

    Bin laden had declared war on us before 9-11, and I knew that fact BEFORE that day. He said he would bring it to us. Many people want to blame Bush, claiming this failure of National Security is his fault. But it is not.

    Blame lays securely on the shoulders of Bill Clinton. Clinton is a coward and had no business running this country. He did not care, for he had little knowledge of what was happening outside our borders. On those rare occassions he did figure something out he was too chickenshit to do more than lob a few missiles here and there.

    Clintons cowardice is one of many things we should remember this day.

    Because of Clinton's reactions Bin Laden decided Americans were weak and decadent, soft and cowardly. If he thought of Americans as only consisting of the left, the DNC, and other leftist groups, then he would be correct.

    CodePink...The New Press....National Council of Arab Americans....the ACLU....and the list goes on.....these are the groups in America that make us weak.....these are the groups who would see this experiment in self government fail.

    CAIR, the American Muslim Association, and many other "moderate muslim" groups, are working within our country to destroy us....and Hillary, along with the american left, are aiding our enemies......

    This is no time for tears people.

    This is a time for anger.

    We lost a lot of good people that day.

    We continue to lose some good people in Iraq and other places our brave soldiers serve. The difference between the victims of 9-11 and our soldiers is this- our soldiers know who their enemy is, and they go willingly into the fight....(to use a phrase from a great article called Tribes), these people, these Solid Grey Guardians of Freedom, willingly place themselves on the lines.

    There is a quote about men sleeping peacefully at night because of rough men standing ready...I am sure you already know it.

    We are at war, a state which peaceful people do not want to be in, but a war brought to us by a cowardly leader and a religious zealot who wishes to impose his backwards, born-of-war-and-conquest religion on the world.

    If we lose this war, we perish.

    Sinply put, it is us or them.....there is no peace is victory or annihilation. No two ways about it.

    As Bush put it, you stand with us or against us.....there is no middle ground.

    Here at home the war is between those that love Freedom, vs. those on the left pushing soft-headed socialist policies and the ideals of appeasement.

    We are in a fight for our very existence, and our enemies are here, in hidden terrorists cells and the halls of free amongst us waiting to strike and fighting Boy Scout troops and defending pedophiles.....praying in mosques and running on the democrat ticket.

    On this day, remember not only our heroes and the victims of 9-11, but remember that our enemies think us soft and ignorant.

    Never forget that our enemies are not only those that claim islam and kill children in the name of allah, but they also claim Jesus and kill children in the name of expediency.

    So remember those who died four years ago today.

    Cry for them if you must.

    Lay flowers and wreaths for our fallen firemen and police.

    Light a candle for those who endured hell on earth, trapped hundreds of feet above ground, some deciding to leap rather than perish in the flames.

    Pray for our soldiers overseas and hope this country has the will to stay the course and not fall prey to cowardice and false hopes.

    As for me, I will once again push down the lump in my throat and force back tears, remembering that the road ahead is still long and more blood will be shed.

    I will steel my resolve.

    But I shall not cry.
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