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    Do you remember Terri?

    Those of us on the Right, (not to mention in the Right), fought hellaciously to, at the very least, have more tests done to prove once and for all if she were truly so brain-damaged that there was no help for her.

    As a short aside I still don't believe the autopsy results.

    Aside from wanting to make certain that she was truly beyond all aid, we wanted to head off the setting of a precedent that would devalue life even more than it already is in this country. The rampant use of abortion as birth control is bad enough without letting people decide whether someone lives or dies on the basis of whether or not that person wants to continue to deal with a very ill relative or an insurance rep decides that the ill person is costing too much money to the company.

    The left in America heaps adulation on the european union and their highly socialist systems, holding them up as a paragon of enlightened virtue and reminding us backwards, God-fearing rednecks in America just how caring they are across the pond.

    The left in America would gladly have us go down this road, turning America into a country with an ever decreasing economy, leaving us in the same freedomless system of the EU, where a man is almost certain to never be able to move up the ladder of success because the socio-economic mobility simply doesn't exist due to onerous taxes and a system that promotes laziness and an expectation that the government will be there to take care of you from the cradle to the grave.

    Yes, those folks in the EU certainly do have a great idea, don't they?

    Forget for a moment the sky-high unemployment.

    Nevermind the miniscule growth rate, the dangerous policies of appeasement, the lack of socio-economic mobility and the hateful attitude towards America for daring to defend ourselves and all free peoples.

    Let all of these things slip from your mind as you ponder this little question.

    Do you wnat to live in a society that values life so little that doctors can kill your newborn child without your knowledge or consent simply because that child is not born "normal"?

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