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    Really I do.....I want to complain about the left politicizing relief efforts, (leave it to them to do such a petty thing), but I am short on time...

    I wish to bitch about finding such disparate numbers, and numbers that don't match what I remember, online, regarding tsunami aid (in cash) provided by the US.

    I wish to point out that had Bush gathered together everyone that is now being called to help with Katrina then certain people (and we all know who THOSE whiny fucks are don't we?), would have accused him of "wasting resources and money" by not waiting to see how many people may be needed to help.

    I want to mention that I have never linked to Instapundit as I have always considered him to be simply a successful link farmer and not a blogger. In fact, I don't believe I have ever read anything he has written that was longer than a sentence or two. But this is exactly why the post you are reading has no links to all of the things I am typing about...I am not a link farmer, I am a blogger, and a pant-clad blogger at that....but if I were going to link to a link farmer, it would be TJ over at NIF. (he is linked in the Wide Awakes blogroll in my sidebar)

    Finally, I wish to thank the academ....sorry, wrong speech....I wish to thank all of the stupid kids I met protesting against Bush the other kids on the left, (and you adults there also), really have no idea how stupid you sound...especially when you are simply parrots for crap you read or decide to choose one small point and stick with that single argument....really, the fact that you cannot see the bigger picture, much less comprehend it, makes me very glad that I stayed out of college....I honestly believe that the degrees you hold in such supposedly vast numbers, (you idiots on the left are the ones always bringing that up), are, for the most part, really expensive pieces of toilet paper.....I will take my comprehension, honest love of country and common sense over your silly degrees anyday.

    Thank you, and Good Day!

    cross posted atThe wide awakes
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