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    What the hell do you think you're doing?


    Do you have any clue what it is that you are marching in favor of here?

    In case your ignorant little heads are so damned twisted by the leftist rhetoric that gets pounded in your heads by the "education" you are receiving at the hands of the socialist twits running education these days let me surprise you and enlighten you by telling you that you are NOT marching for "immigrant rights".

    You are marching in favor of our government ignoring the laws we hold dear and in favor of rewarding criminals that flout those laws with utter impunity.

    Immigrants already have rights in this country. They have the same rights that others have, as long as they adhere to the same rules that the rest of us must follow.

    These rules are called "laws", and these laws state that there are procedures to follow if a person that is not legally a citizen of this country wishes to come to this country to live and work.

    Those that don't follow these laws are called "law breakers", i.e. "criminals", and when someone breaks the law and become a "criminal" there are "consequences" for those actions.

    In the case of people that sneak into this country the consequences are "deportation", an action whereby the offender is taken out of the country and returned to their country of origin.

    This action does not happen enough.

    In the case of employers that hire those people that are in the country illegally heavy fines are supposed to be imposed, to force employers to follow the law and make certain that legal citizens of our country get the jobs that are there for them and not the criminals that sneak into this country.

    This does not happen enough.

    The law also states that children must be in school. Part of this is to give you an education and prepare you to take that job that is now being taken by the aforementioned criminal alien, but part of that is that while you are in school, that school distict is responsible for your well being and safety, and when you disregard the instructions of those that are supposed to be responsible for your safety you endanger yourself, those in your community and place your education in danger, for if something were to happen to you while you are out "protesting" the school is liable, and your stupid parents could sue the district for a lot of money.

    Given todays idiotic climate, judicially speaking, they'd win too.

    How can I call your parents stupid? Simple.

    Follow home a stupid kid and what do you find?

    Stupid parents.

    Simply by the fact that you are protesting against law and order shows your stupidity, and that fact that some of you walked on FREEWAYS to protest proves beyond a doubt that the level of stupid shown to the world the last few days by your "protests" is a level that the human race has not seen since the days when mercury was taken as a "medicine".

    Your ignorance of the facts surrounding criminal aliens, coupled with your flouting the laws of the land and placing yourself in danger, along with several thousand motorists, should be a source of utter embarrassment for those that purport to "teach" you.

    You have done a grave disservice to yourselves, America, your teachers and your families, and have shown a level of stupidity that is both astounding and terrifying, and the fact that you do not understand how ignorant you have proven yourselves to be would shame you tremendously if you only could understand how absolutely stupid you have acted.
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