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    According to a story in NewsMax the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) is planning a day that latinos refuse to work, shop and go to school to send a stern message to Washington.


    I hope they get fired in droves.

    What about the massage that is getting sent to Washington by THE LEGAL CITIZENS of the United States of America?

    You know, the message from those that VOTE????

    The message that we want our laws enforced, and we don't want our government to reward those that break the law? That message?

    Remember that message?

    Let them refuse to work...and report everyone that doesn't work to ICE. Sure, there'll be some folks that don't work on May 1st that are legal citizens, but I think it is teh responsibility of employers to make certain that their employees are legal citizens and allowed to wokr here.

    While we're at it ICE should attend those rallies and start rounding up the criminals they find protesting.

    To all of you that don't have a logical leg to stand on and scream racist at those of us that want our laws enforced I say....well, you know what I say to you for that:

    Besi Mu Culo, pendejo.
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