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    A Kansas Minister, Kenneth Davis, in Florida for a Gospel Conference, reported not feeling well at the end of his flight and was placed into a wheel chair and set on the curb by airline employees, where he sat for three days, suffered a stroke and almost died.

    The airline Air Tran, (formerly ValueJet, remember them?) has not responded to inquiries yet.

    From one of the reports:
    "He urinated on himself and his clothes were soiled but he was dressed in nice clothes -- didn't look bummy or anything like that," daughter Melinda Davis said.

    "And nobody noticed him?" Local 6's Erik von Ancken asked.

    "No one noticed," Davis said. "(He was found) curbside of the sidewalk where you catch a taxi where people walk by. Several people walked by."

    The family said Davis suffered a stroke during the days sitting outside the airport.

    "He is alive but unfortunately he did suffer a stroke and we feel like it contributed a lot to him being in the heat," son Kenneth Davis said.

    A spokesman for the airport said he could not be certain that Davis sat in the same spot for such a long time and said "it doesn't seem plausible," von Ancken reported.

    Davis remains in an Orlando hospital and is barely able to speak, the report said.

    The family is asking for surveillance video to determine how long Davis was sitting outside the facility.

    The incident is under investigation.

    I will be very interested to see if he was in the same place the whole time. I am also betting that someone gets involved and claims racism somehow contributed to this sorry state of affairs, and the first person that does so should be roundly criticized for taking away from the real problem here. The real problem is that people seem to be in such a hurry and so self involved that they don't take the time to talk to anyone anymore.

    I cannot imagine sitting in one place for three days so heavily traveled and not have anyone ask me what I was doing there. Especially if I were an elderly gentleman.

    I pray Kenneth Davis heals quickly, and I hope that the airport has learned a valuable lesson and maybe in the future when the security guards see someone sitting around teh airport for days on end they will have the decency to check on them.
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