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    Why fight it anymore?

    Hillary is apparently up in the polls, and many are saying she will be our next president, with all of the attendant socialized medicine (which will kill our medical establishment and ruin my healthcare) and stealing from all of the people that made money on the stock market to give it to those too stupid or lazy to make a better life for themselves.

    What that will do of course is take away money from private corporations because there won't be an incentive to invest your money for a return on stocks through dividends which in turn means that companies won't have as much working capital to expand and improve which means people will be put out of work which is fine with the dems because they will help you anyway, even if their policies put you in the poor house in the first place.

    So why fight it?

    I am going to join the far left socialists. I figure they can get me an apartment, a small stipend for food (which I will dutifully use to sit around a coffee shop with wifi and bitch about the capitalists all day while writing bad protest poetry) and a bus pass. Once a month I can go down to the unemployment office and toss in the proof that I am looking for a job so my "benefits" will continue. In the meantime when I do go look for a job I won't bathe, I will talk in slang and be slothful and nobody will hire me.

    Doesn't matter though because the dems will take care of me.

    I will sit and sneer at all of you boobs that go work for the military-industrial complex and write long rambling missives about how much better it is that I sit and rail against an unfair system rather than bing a productive citizen.

    And the dems will take care of me.

    I will use my government money and bus pass to go to protests against multi national corporations that have invested money in great tracts of forest with the goal of employing people and turning a profit and chant loudly that they are killing some owl I will never lay eyes on while completely ignoring the fact that several people are now out of work and their children don't have enough food or healthcare due to the actions of me and my shortsighted compatriots.

    And the dems will take care of me.

    I will stand outside of a prison at midnight, yelling about the evil state taking the life of a convicted murderer, never once giving a thought to the family of the murder victims, and not letting a shred of wonder at some kid growing up with out his dad and what that must have done to him.

    And the dems will take care of me.

    I will do all I can to stop the evil oil companies from exploiting the land to build refineries in an attempt to bring cheaper gas to the masses. They should all ride the bus like I do. The freedom to go where you want when you want must be tempered with the environment and the good of the whole kept in mind. You don't need that car. It would probably do you good to walk anyway, lardass. You should be riding the bus like me and the other slacke....errr...people that care about the future of humanity.

    And still the dems will take care of me.

    Finally I will demand that they pay for my schooling, so I can be trained to be a productive member of society, and I will get a degree in 15th century spanish poetry, and learn to say "Would you like fries with that?"

    And still the dems will take care of me.

    And when, at the end of a long life of living under a socialist umbrella, when I die and have nothing but an old bed in a shitty apartment, a laptop, a bus pass and a "Buy 10 get the next one free" card from my local coffee house, the government can pay for a paupers funeral, tossing me into a mass grave along with all of the other railing, coffee addicted bad poets that keeled over on the Number 12 bus that week.

    And let our grave marker say:

    The Dems Took Care Of Them.
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