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    We have a large group of people in this country these days that don't believe we should fight against our enemies.

    We have a large group of people in this country that have bought into the socialist belief that it is the governments job to take care of everyone, that it is not the individuals job to decide how they want to live their life or how successful they wish to be but rather it is the governments job to make sure that outcomes are equal.

    We have a large group of people that believe it is unfair for one man to have so much less than another man, and to that end we must steal from the man that produces and give to the man that doesn't, because that man has a larger house and more income, and it just isn't fair.

    That is the antithesis of The American Way.

    Allow me to explain why socialist policies destroy the greatness of the human spirit.

    In a society that gives a man the ability to truly succeed the possibility of abject failure must be present. If one is guaranteed by the government that they will provide food, shelter and healthcare no matter what, a false floor is created. The necessary counter to this false floor is a false ceiling. Somebody must pay for that floor. Now if you have a guaranteed level that you cannot fall below, in essence a line you cannot fall beneath, what is "success" in that system worth?

    This mindset is mirrored in todays youth sports, where everyone gets a trophy no matter what happens or where their team finishes. This is teaching nothing more than "all you have to do is try and you will be rewarded." This is not how life works.

    In the wild trying doesn't get the bear dinner. Actually getting dinner is the only thing that gets the bear dinner. So in society should it be the same. Trying to make a life for yourself is not the same as doing it. Just getting up and going to work everyday should not be sufficient to be successful. Success should come with hard work, ambition and some luck.

    Stealing from the producers to give to those that don't produce not only is an evil action, but is one that lessens the greatness of humanity. For if we are artificially propping up those with no ambition, we are diluting our pool of worthwhile humans.

    Now at this point I am sure that many people are going to scream, but that fact is this; Some People Are Worthless.

    People that lack ambition, people that are prone to be criminals, people that basically are a drain on society bring us all down through their lifestyles and bad choices. Frankly these folks shouldn't even be allowed to breed, but they do, and copiously I might add.

    And herein lies our problem.

    Look at it like this; The average IQ is 100....half of the people are stupider than that....and they vote.

    Follow home a stupid kid and you will find stupid parents.

    Water seeks its own level, therefore stupid people breed with stupid people, and they tend to breed a lot.

    Therefore the stupid to smart ratio is growing at an ever faster rate.

    With this ratio growing at an ever faster rate, what is the shot that we can stay where we are as a nation?

    If we enact more and more socialist policies how are we eventually going to pay for them when everyone gets what they need provided by the government, thereby taking away all incentive to actually work and produce something of value for society?

    People on the left have this idea that people are basically good at heart, but I have seen too much of humanity to believe such simplistic ideas, and know that when you take away the incentive to succeed people will sit back and take what they can get.

    When we no longer have the ability to truly succeed, and fighting for a better life is no longer possible because the government will provide for your basic needs we will not have a great country, but one where everyone does the bare minimum to get by, for at that point when you can only go so far in life no matter how hard you try what becomes the point of trying?

    Think about that.
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