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    First off Corruption Exposer, unlike most of those I find that I don't agree with, actually manned up and called the show. Most of those on the left side of the street don't have the guts to call, so props to him for having the balls to back his stuff up. At least him and I have that quality in common.

    Last night I spent quite a bit of time online telling some scum-sucking fembots what absolute bitches they are.

    They banned me.

    Then they decided to start moderating all comments, so now they have a bit more work to keep their blog up....and I will be checking occasionally to see when they get lazy and complacement and stop moderating.

    So that's two.

    I was also banned from the DUmbass Parallel Universe.

    I swear, some of these guys and hags have no respect for the First Amendment.

    I had a great post about to go up when the news broke about London.

    Horrible stuff, and the DUmbasses are already saying it was a Bush Conspiracy to Take Attention Away from The TRUTH....whatever THAT may be. (A Tip 'o me tam to Duncan Avatar for that lead.)

    But then I heard that Giuliani, the infamous former mayor of New York, was in London when the attacks went down. Fairly close to them I understand.

    Now, I know the conspiracy buffs are saying it is a Bush/Blair Rovian conspiracy, and many people think it was related to London being chosen just the day before for the 2012 Olympics, and others are saying that it was because of the G8 Summit going on in Scotland.

    So now I have some other theories. Bear with me here.

    If it was a Bush/Blair Rovian conspiracy then maybe they didn't set it off to take attention away from anything, but to make Giuliani some news, after all on 9/11 he was right there, on the news and doing what Giuliani does so well. Saying what people needed to hear.

    So that is another theory.

    Let's look at that. We have the "Olympic Theory" (rather a touch possible, I mean, who's to say that NY, Paris and Moscow don't have cells in them with readied bombs and just waited to see who got the games for 2012?), and we have the "Bush/Blair Rovian" theory, two of them actually, one for diverting attention and one for making news for Giuliani. We also have the "G8" theory, which some think is Jihad Joe amking a statement.

    I think these are all wrong!!!

    I think a fatwa has been issued against Rudy Giuliani.

    Think about it.

    9-11...where was Giuliani?

    Yesterday...where was Giuliani?

    Come to think of it, does anyone know where Giuliani was when the trains in spain were attacked?

    Rudy did something to piss off some imam somewhere, and they are in an all out attack to take him out.

    So watch out Rudy, they're coming to get you.

    Hey, it is just as valid of a theory as that tossed out by the moonbats over at the DUmbass Batcave.
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