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    This got written up after some anarchists tried to interrupt one of the G8 summits a few years back....(I think it was Seattle...may have been NYC, either way they made a huge mess and got off scot-free) enjoy it.

    An Lament To Police Batons and Pepper Spray

    Here's to billy clubs and taser guns
    And hosing down those folks that run
    To gather in great unwashed masses
    Holding signs that show they're asses
    That revel in pure ignorance
    Completely lacking common sense
    So chase 'em down with pepper spray
    Teach them lessons on this day
    That blocking traffic is a crime
    And anarchists should do their time
    In cells with guys that like to rape
    And other nasty reprobates
    So they can see that law and order
    Should be enforced, just like the border
    But now the anarchists are safe
    From blunt batons and cops with mace
    And taser guns and pepper spray
    And being locked up for the day
    Beat on the punks we cannot do
    'Cause they will scream "ACLU"

    Crossposted at Stop The ACLU
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