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    ..for stoptheaclu.coms opening day, where they are having a caption contest. I linked it in the title instead.

    A more important story is here, where a major terrorist attack has occured in London, not coincidentally on the same day as the G8 conference is going.

    At least seven explosions have been reported at this point, with three double decker buses being targeted along with the London Underground. That is their name for the subway.

    Expect a high casualty count people, many from smoke inhalation for the victims in the subways.

    Expect also tons of blowback.

    Blowback from the people that hate Blair, and will blame this on him.

    Blowback from those that have stood by Blair, realizing that these terrorists must be stopped, and if they aren't stopped in the holes they crawl out of, then they will have to be stopped on the streets of London, New York, and every other city on the planet where the scum-sucking terrorists congregate in a free society to plan their evil attacks.

    Expect blowback from all sides. This is about to look like a shitstorm, in England, AND here.

    Pray for the victims, their families, and the first responders who, according to reports coming in this moment, are even now battling continuing explosions.

    I am worried about one of our own, so to speak. RottyPup, proud member of the wide awakes and a resident of England.

    Maybe now they will wake up over there and realize that Bush and Blair are correct and this fight must be taken to the bad guys.

    But don't expect it.
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