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    Linked in the title is a story of one of our soldiers.

    A Marine.

    Lance Corporal Aaron Austin, Echo Company of the 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment, 1st Marine Division, based at Camp Pendleton to be more exact.

    Here are some parts of the story from the L.A.Times;

    On the last night of his life, Lance Cpl. Aaron Austin joined a prayer session with other Marines hunkered down in a bullet-riddled neighborhood in Fallouja, Iraq.

    Austin, a 21-year-old machine-gunner, asked God for protection not for himself but for his fellow Marines of Echo Company of the 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment, 1st Marine Division, based at Camp Pendleton.

    Did you get that? He didn't pray for himself, he prayed for his fellow Marines. A mark of a true man is selflessness and sacrifice to something larger than yourself, whether it be and ideal or a cause.

    The next morning, insurgents attacked from three directions, firing thousands of rounds from AK-47s and other firearms and hurling dozens of grenades.

    With the Marines in danger of being overrun, Austin exposed himself to enemy fire in order to throw a grenade at their position 20 meters away. The grenade helped repel the attack, but Austin was mortally wounded.

    Do you think it even crossed Lance Corporal Austin's mind that he would be killed? I doubt it. You know what I think crossed his mind? "I gotta stop these guys." I bet he never once thought about the hail of bullets whizzing by over his head, or considered twice what he was doing. His men were in trouble. His Brothers were under attack and all that mattered to him at that moment was stopping those that were threatening his Marines.

    For those who knew Austin, his action was no surprise. Today, in a simple ceremony at the Texas Panhandle War Memorial in Amarillo, Austin's parents will receive the Silver Star, awarded posthumously to their son.

    Sgt. Maj. William Skiles, who was with Austin that brutal morning in Fallouja, will present the award — the nation's third-highest medal for bravery in combat.

    "All the Marines stepped up, and Aaron led the way," Skiles said.

    And Aaron Led the way.

    Austin's mother, De'on Miller, said she understood her son's actions during the firefight on April 26, 2004. Loyalty, she said, was at the core of her son's personality.

    "He loved the people he was with," Miller said from her home in Lovington, N.M. "That was Aaron: When he was loyal, he put his entire heart into it. He wouldn't quit fighting."

    Loyalty. That is something that is sadly lacking in America today by those on the left. They aren't loyal to Freedom, or the ideals that the Marines, and indeed our entire military, encompass.

    Today's left has no concept of Loyalty....or Courage....Sacrifice, or even Love Of Country. They are cowardly, whiny and lazy, couching everything completely in "feelings", forgetting that life is unfair and will remain so no matter how hard mankind attempts to legislate unfairness away.

    The only loyalty they understand is being loyal to their petty wants and needs, and the sole shred of courage they still possess is the courage to remain ignorant.

    To them a sacrifice is ordering a smaller cup of overpriced coffee so that their asses don't spread.

    I will lay it out for you moonbats that still haven't a clue.

    We are AT WAR!!!


    With people that want to destroy us....people that train their own kids to grow up to be murderers, and hold those that kill the innocent in highest regard.

    There is not one thing you can say to reason with the people that think that way.

    Their only goal is to destroy the west, to subjugate the survivors and create a global caliphate.

    And you morons on the left are more than willing to go along with them.

    I will no longer brook "discussion" with those on the left. Either you are with us, or against us.

    This goes for those "Muslims" that claim to be "peaceful".

    Either stand with us loudly or be considered suspect.

    There is no middle ground. There is no appeasement, and there is no other way to peace than through death.

    There is nothing the West can do to create a peace with these radical islamic terrorists.


    There is a time and place for everyting.

    There is a time for peace, and a time for war.

    And this is the time for war.

    It is us or them.

    Stand with us or against us, but know that when America and Freedom destroys radical islam that we will not forget those that stood with us, and those that stood against us.

    As Bush said;

    Bring IT ON!!!

    Crossposted at The Wide Awakes
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