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    No the question mark isn't a typo.

    One of our staunch allies in the fight against the ACLU has posted a great piece about the Declaration of Independence that you dear reader should read on this fine day of celebrating our Founding Fathers foresight in telling the British Crown to stuff a blood sausage in it.

    In another post that made my chest swell with pride RomeoCat, staunch ally in The Wide Awakes posted about lazy Americans and judicial tyranny and promptly caught a troll.....he was quickly laid low, gutted, battered and fricaseed for the TWA July Fourth Independence Day Celebration, and will no doubt be enjoyed with an American Beer and some Freedom Fries come noon tomorrow.

    To those staunch allies of our country, Patriots, Defenders of the Constitution, Red White and Blue Blooded Americans, (and you know who you are) I wish you a great holiday. Please take a moment to remember those that serve so far from loved ones during these most trying times, and those that have returned to highest honors, sacrificing all so your Freedom to celebrate would not be threatened by those that hate us and would see us destroyed.

    To the rest of you traitorous bastards, frogs, American hating zealots and european socialists I say, in the Spirit of the Holiday, Flaming Cheery Red Pippin Fucks to you.

    God Bless America!!!
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