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    So Michael Newdow lost his bid to stop GW from having a prayer at his inauguration.

    Was there ever any doubt?

    Personally I think since it is Georges' bash, then George should set it up any dang old way he wants. Personally, if it was my inauguration, I might just have some pole dancers in red, white and blue one piece swimsuits just to tick off the dying feminist population. Maybe toss in whole choir singing some James Brown or something. "Jum' bacnkismysel'hhyyyaahhh" Something like that. Or go REEEAAALLLYY solenm. Everything quiet and somber, everyone in black talking in whispers, that kind of thing.

    Naaahhh......I'd go with something like my first idea. Make it a holiday and everything. National Party Day. Oh yeah.


    I think Newdow has become a Newshog, so henceforth, his name is Michael NewsHog the Atheist. Rings rather nicely in the ears does it not?
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