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    So now the Capital of Liberal Insanity wants to charge a fee for each grocery bag used in the city. Seventeen cents to be exact.

    This is insane. I once lived there. It is a beautiful city. Wonderful views and amazing architecture. But it's cold there. Lots of fog too. I think there is something in that fog, something that slowly turns ones brain to mush. How else do you explain the completely asinine ideas flowing from there?

    If I still lived there and they imposed a seventeen cent tax on my grocery bag I do believe that I would be forced to use those bags for other things. Maybe I would weave them together and make curtains for my house, or clothes perhaps. I bet plastic grocery bags would be wonderful rain gear, a clothing item that is standard issue in that city.

    Whatever I would do with them you can bet that I would do it with the aim of pissing off as many people as possible. That way when someone complained, as they are certain to do there, (they can't help it, they're liberals), I could say "Hey, I paid for these and I will do what I damn well please with them, so bugger off!"

    What do you think?
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